Great web design tips every web developer should become familiar with:

@resist1984 Annoyingly, this purist website still manages to find time to stick Google Analytics tracking on.


@david indeed. You would think the would have improved on that, or surely would have, but no. Guess the state of the art still needs to evolve.

@TheDoctor @resist1984 @david pretty is nice if you've got the budget for polish.

And, ugly works really damn well, and often communicates better than super subtle nuance...

@resist1984 @david I actually put together an opinionated guide inspired the Motherfucking Website and the actual best motherfucking website. Text-oriented websites should work just fine in browser engines that don’t have a billion-dollar annual budget (NetSurf, Dillo, w3m, lynx, edbrowse, etc).

Also see the other small-web clubs: the 1MB Club, 512 KB Club, 250kb Club, 10 KB Club, NoJS Club, 1024B Club, and 0kb Club. I managed to get on all except the last two; my brotli-compressed homepage is a whopping 4-5 kilobytes (depending on which icons your browser loads).

I’d say that for a text-oriented website (most blogs), a 50kb JS-free homepage should be good enough.

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