A bit close to the end of the month for my liking, but new blocking rules are now out!

If you use Better and find any unblocked trackers or issues with sites, please let me know (@ me, @better or email) and I’ll use those reports to make Better better for everyone 😊

@laura @better It's very useful that your project is collecting metrics on the web's bad players. You're working on sites of corps that are inherently quite evil ( Chase, , MS), as well as sites for companies where their ethical issues are only with how they run their site. For the latter, your tool clearly contributes to a better world.


@better @laura But regarding the former, such as helping to improve the UX for patrons, I wonder if that's been carefully thought through. Your tool adds value to a corporation that's so unethical no one who is informed & has the slightest urge toward social responsibility banks there. Wouldn't it make more sense to document Chase's trackers /without/ offering a fix?

@laura @better I don't have Apple gear so I can't see what your users see, but it seems like the tool should have a category of sites that says "this site has ethical violations X Y Z, but since the company itself is also unethical we do not support them and we suggest not transacting with them."

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