oh you want zero trust networking?

*turns off the router, and rips out all the cables*

cloudflare has great zero trust networking. no one trusts them


@rysiek @nintendh03s It's interesting to also note that claims in their FaQ that "you don't have to" trust them: web.archive.org/web/2018092600 Yet they see all HTTPS traffic in the clear. So the fact that they lie about the need for trust is in itself cause for distrust.

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@resist1984 cloudflare is MITM-as-a-serivce. nothing more, nothing less. the fact anyone ever trusted them is shocking to me.

@resist1984 @rysiek @nintendh03s it's interesting that many websites of #privacy or #security oriented entities are behind #cloudflare.

@Br0m3x @resist1984 @rysiek @nintendh03s We lack a public list of shame for such websites. Not only do they use #cloudflare but most of them also use third party tracking scripts.

@miklo @nintendh03s @rysiek @Br0m3x indeed a hall of shame would be useful. There is one for some of the privacy advice sites here, but CloudFlare isn't covered: lemmy.ml/post/31487 If anyone wants to start a list of CF-using pro-privacy hypocrits, this repo would welcome that effort: codeberg.org/themusicgod1/clou

@resist1984 @nintendh03s @rysiek @Br0m3x Unfortunately the link there to the page what is wrong with DuckDuckGo is broken.

@miklo @Br0m3x @rysiek @nintendh03s that's because dev.lemmy.ml became lemmy.ml. Use this link: lemmy.ml/post/31321. And note also that there's a part 2 and part 3 at the bottom of the post.

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