"*Fed up?* Join the Fediverse."

Fed up with Facebook and Twitter dictating what you can and can't say online? Then join the Fediverse, the decentralised social media system that they've been hiding from you for years.

The word Fediverse is a portmanteau of…"

See the new logo design we published for Fediverse yesterday morning.

Add Cloudglare to your list if you like, they seem to be training drones with #hCaptcha.

@dsfgs Flyers are a great idea. I've been meaning to create flyers and/or stickers for a long time.

Where can I find that logo and do you have a link to Cloudglare?

@PaulaToThePeople @dsfgs I believe "Cloudglare" is dsfgs's deliberate misspelling of , which is the elephant in the room that your otherwise comprehensive article neglects while actually referring users to , a CF site that should be avoided.

@dsfgs @PaulaToThePeople You propose as a Playstore app compromise. The fake acct still keeps track of all your installations, and if Orbot is not in the loop links your fake acct to your real acct.

@PaulaToThePeople tracks everything. Even without an acct, Google sees your IP address in all activity that touches a Google asset. So the fake accounts get associated together and also associated with logged out activity. If you start using Google Play app then switch to , Google already has your IMEI# from the 1st use, and that number is part of the dataset.

@resist1984 @PaulaToThePeople If you're using a non-ungoogled device, I don't think there are any really helpful measures to stop them from spying. Using something like Yalp or Aurora is probably only useful on Lineage etc.

@datenschutzratgeber @PaulaToThePeople your double-negative threw me off at 1st. There are ways to degoogle an Android phone without replacing the OS. I've written a script that connects over ADB to disable the Google garbage.

@resist1984 @PaulaToThePeople Just disabling Google services and apps isn't enough. That's only a temporary solution and AFAIK the manufacteurer cannot be really stopped from watching without actually replacing the OS. Also, I've seen disabled Google services re-enabling themselves (or being re-enabled by some third party?) after some time including re-granting themselves several permissions (that was on an Asus device).

Where do you have that script? Does it need ADB root access?

@datenschutzratgeber @PaulaToThePeople sorry, it's not a script. It's been a while since I bought a phone to harden. I have notes to myself on the manual process that I follow. I've just dumped them here: paste.debian.net/1180672/ but note that wasn't intended for other ppl to consume, just to jog my memory. So some steps are not detailed (they get me to a screen where I know what to do). Root is not needed.


@PaulaToThePeople @datenschutzratgeber And to be clear, root is not needed on the phone but root is needed on the linux system.

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