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I have a history of keeping online services/sites going once I start them, so if I did ever manage to get this up, it wouldn't go away.

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I think I would include the Big Evil companies just because they generally have APIs which make it easy to retrieve info -- but they'd be flagged as evil (with links to the details (e.g.) for each).

Ideally, though, the whole thing should be cooperatively run -- and the decision as to what information to include in the UI should ultimately be subject to revision by the collective.

@woozle @andre @deejoe when you say the /collective/, do you mean all consumers or a select group of mods? That's the tricky part b/c while I think (for eg.) is a show-stopping evil that needs a big spotlight most normies are ok w/it. I would put up a fight to get CloudFlare flags while the majority wouldn't care & there would even be some who fully oppose disclosure of CF. What then?

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This is a good question, and one that has been on my mind.

It would be some combination of:

all users (anyone who sets up an account)
all contributors (anyone who contributes reviews or other info)
all coders
all backers

I think we'd have to start with a "seed collective" of people whose ethics and judgement I trust, to make the initial decision about who gets a vote once the project is public and what the [meta]rules are.

@woozle @deejoe @andre one way to accommodate everyone is to be very lax in what issues get exposure, but give every user a filter to hide issues that don't concern them. Perhaps hide by default rules that a majority of users are proactively hiding.


@andre @deejoe @woozle The detailed list of wrongdoing can be huge. For example, see some of the pull-down arrows in the 1st post of this thread: codeberg.org/swiso/website/iss

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