@techware That's great to hear. But note that if you don't directly use Amazon svcs & don't shop there (or at Whole Foods or other Amazon B&M stores) you probably use them indirectly. E.g. if you use MS , that was Amazon-hosted last time I checked. There's a browser plugin that will block Amazon-hosted sites.

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@resist1984 Yeah I know. But that's a bit to much for me, cause than I would have to restrict my online behaviour to much with just a very small outcome. E.G. I couldn't use Signal anymore wich I really prefer against Whatsapp to cantact friends that aren't that privacy focused ;)
Also I already moved my repos away from Github cause it's owned by MS, but it would be bad not to support OpenSource projects that are still there. (1/2)

@resist1984 So I do not buy anything from or on amazon (also really good to consume less) and try to convince people to do the same. I also think it's a good idea to help websites/services to stay/get away from amazon instead of boycotting them as well. (2/2)


@techware Actually is an example of a svc to avoid. See github.com/privacytoolsIO/priv It's impractical & tedious to avoid AWS sites for every news article, but when deciding on a regular service like Signal & Github, it makes sense to hold AWS against them. AWS should be a factor when comparing Signal is .

@neil @resist1984
I know. Currently there are 5 messengers (Signal, Threema, Matrix, Conversation and yes also Telgram) on my phone and I'm using all of them to chat with different people depending on their need and understanding of privacy and security.
Guess where the most of my chats are happening? Telegram and Signal.
To communicate with WA powerusers Signal is currently my best option.
There is no thing such as the perfekt messenger.

@neil @resist1984
What I want to say is that there is no simple answer such as just use this and everything is fine.
And I really tried to find the perfekt messenger, so I know much about the strengths and weaknesses of alls the messengers I'm currently using or used at some point of time and decides to delete them.

@techware @neil You forgot to mention , , , & . shares many of 's problems & it's equally reprehensible. is superior to Signal, sharing just a couple of Signal's problems but avoids the most serious issues that Signal has. It's almost a drop-in replacement, notwithstanding case where metadata exposure is incompatible with threat models.

@neil @techware Jami is hands-down superior to Wire from an ethics PoV, but has usability/UX issues that narrows the userbase. Briar is also superior to Wire ethically, but being Android-only narrows applicability. In any case, if Signal is on top popularity-wise w/your correspondants something is very wrong. There's no good reason for that.

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