Is @protonmail or @Tutanota capable of sending email to *.onion email addresses?

Good question. I might just have to try, but I don't know any .onion email addresses!
@protonmail @Tutanota

@hyploma @Tutanota @protonmail @Horizon_Innovations @bthylafh indeed. Most clearnet services are incapable of sending mail to email addresses. Even some onion email services do not accept or send onion mail. And some onion email services can't email clearnet, while others can (but some of those can't put a clearnet reply address in the header).

@bthylafh @Horizon_Innovations @protonmail @Tutanota @hyploma IIRC, is one of the more versatile ones. It can send email from to both clearnet & onion recipients, it can receive email via onion or clearnet (you have two address domains), and the UI is accessible by either onion or clearnet. Onionmail may be the same, but most services have on limitation or another.

@resist1984 @protonmail @Tutanota I don't know. Give me a .onion address and I'll send you a message from my ProtonMail.

@gerowen @resist1984 @protonmail @Tutanota I have someone who volenteered to give an onion address for the test send me a private message and we will continue

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