I have been a fairly outspoken critic of the dependence of our communities on OTF funding.

Yet we are not in a situation where we can afford the luxury of losing one of the most effective funding programs of the post-Snowden years.

#SaveOTF & sign here: saveinternetfreedom.tech/


@shiro surely you must have a problem with a CloudFlare site masquerading as a "" site. That petition needs to be relocated to a place that not hosted by the adversaries of Internet freedom.

@resist1984 I have a problem with Cloudflare, and with the term “Internet freedom “. And an outspoken critic of OTF. Ideally I’d like to rant about all these things. But right now, the important thing is to save that funding so many essential projects rely on, not to fight over details. I won’t forget that Cloudflare is not an ally of people who care about privacy, security and anonymity, though.

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