I can't (won't) report a bug in Ungoogled Chromium b/c they're exclusively in . Every single community is trapped in a walledgarden. WTF.

@Horizon_Innovations they had enough sense to create a mirror (, but /issues/ redirects to MS , so the conversation is still confined to a walled garden & outsiders are suppressed.

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Oh, is it major as I've just installed it in Linux Mint as there is no Chromium?

@Horizon_Innovations no, not a security matter. Chromium has hard-coded the time-out limit. Some websites exceed the time limit when accessed over Tor. It's been reported upstream yrs ago but Google doesn't give a shit. If were to fix this bug it would create another reason for users to switch from stock to UC.

This is because in both cases you need an account to discuss. There is no way to participate in git discussions and issues without an account on any platform.

@wend @Horizon_Innovations the problem is not needing an account. The problem is needing an account on an *exclusive* host that is not open to the public, which treats Tor users with hostility. The repo is open to all; the repo is not.

@resist1984 Wait, they don't even have something like an email or chatroom on a good platform? o_O

Specially as IIRC GitHub doesn't have the ability to do confidential reports so RIP security.

@lanodan The chatroom is in a place that requires login via,, or Twitter ( all of which are exclusive walled gardens. There is a gateway into , but I believe is in the loop.

@resist1984 Ouch, gitter is one of the worst chat things I've seen. For there is maybe cloudflare but there is other homeservers (good luck there…).

And it's locked to being public so no security reports possible, lol.
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