@resist1984 I've seen "Download disabled" for a few weeks now on invidio.us - with and without Tor. Maybe it has been like that for longer even. I guess it was done to solve some stability problems. For me youtube-dl works fine for downloading via invidio.us.

I left youtube-dl for , because youtube-dl seemed to need chronic self-updating. CClive worked great for years but it no longer works. Perhaps I should go back to youtube-dl.

@resist1984 You could dl the binary from the site, and e.g. put in it ~/bin/ and then run a crontab to have itself updated every day e.g. smth like @reboot $HOME/bin/youtube-dl -U

I guess that's not your actual question. If you wanted to download the video, you can go to a different public instance where you then can get the video, or you can run
`mpv invidio.us/watch?v=123abcdexyz` in your local terminal (on linux and macOS)

@d599f84e I didn't know invidio.us was decentralized. Where would I find an instance with a working download? w.r.t mpv, I assumed that was simply a player. Does that include a feature to save streams to files?


You can find public instances at github.com/omarroth/invidious/. Not all of them have the download button shown. Though, if in firefox, right click into the video field and you should be able to copy the link to the video file itself (which should be something like r6--5s--d-f7.googlevideo.com/. and a long URL). You could then download it with
`curl --output videofile.mp4 <url>`

I haven't used mpv yet for that purpose, so I don't know. But maybe @amolith can help you out with that.

@d599f84e @amolith@masto.nixnet.xyz That's an impressive list, particularly with all the *.onion sites. Would be useful if @watch would include invidio.us instances.

> I didn't know invidio.us was decentralized.

It's not decentralized as such, but it is #FreeCode. So anyone who wants to can run an instance. You could run your own and make it totally #Tor friendly. Same with #Nitter (for Titter) and #Bibliogram (for Instagram).

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