Great comment on HN:

> As a thought experiment, what if companies are made to pay for commute time? How would that change the labour market? Would they hire local? Provide better transportation? Work with cities to reduce congestion? Encourage more remote work? Decide it's too expensive to hire workers and cut hours? Work towards more inclusive housing?

@kensanata @cadadr the single most environmentally sound mode of transport, cycling, would be banned by the companies. And a work day would be lengthened by employers trying to reduce overhead per hour worked.

Sounds like a bit of a stretch to me honestly. Good policy would minimise abuse.


@cadadr @kensanata i recently worked for an employer who refused to allow anyone to work part-time b/c their daily overhead of reading e-mail and fetching coffee would be fixed while their productive time would lessen. Now imagine adding commute overhead to that same employer.

@kensanata @cadadr I put it to the test & gave an ultamatim: give me part-time or I'm gone. (I left)

@cadadr @kensanata I would like to see pressure on employers to reduce /car/ commuting, but converting the commute to paid time for all workers is too blunt of an instrument. But suppose we impose the commute time cost on employers of sole (non-carpooling) non-handicapped car drivers? I'd probably endorse that.

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