A good read! Once I think I got more reliable tools to help me replace my use of these tools, I’ll do the same. I wish I could do it for Instagram too but they aren’t open in any way jlelse.blog/posts/deleted-twit (v2.jacky.wtf/post/42053b05-901)


@jalcine To is a good move, but his reasons aren't so noble (more about self control). The noble reason to rm is power-abusing , hostility toward users, & forced disclosure of ph#.

That’s sound but from what I’ve seen, as a anarchist Black vegan, most people optimize for their own interests over any sort of communal good largely because it’s easier/safer for them and their loved ones. So while I do agree with your stance, one less person on there is one less metric for them to collect. (v2.jacky.wtf/post/06be3384-dab)

@jalcine if an anarchist puts self interest above communal good () then it doesn't seem to follow to go vegan (which favors the greater good but makes it much more difficult to meet your own nutritional needs).

@jalcine it's despicable that government reps are using the exclusive private of rather than open-to-all platforms like , , & for public announcements.

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