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@protonmail "4. DuckDuckGo (honorable mention)" <= what a sham. deserves "dishonorable mention" for feeding abusers like , , &


@rob @protonmail @lightmyfire since we're talking about Android, I suggest with Orweb (but I think Orweb has been renamed)

@rob @resist1984 @protonmail @lightmyfire
Orfox was the successor of Orweb and Orfox is succeeded by Tor Browser for Android.
I'm quite surprised that Rob's screenshot shows 06 Sep 19 which I presume is the date of the latest update.

What REALLY sucks about @torproject Browser for Android is that it doesn't seem to work with #Orbot with the consequence that you can't run more then 1 app which uses #Tor. Most of the time you'd have to reboot your phone to use another app with uses Tor 🤦‍♂️

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