is now hitting the wayback machine with the same as users, thus censoring history too.

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If the house across the street installs or in a way that surveils my house, it will be an act of war.

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Have any U.S. cities legislated against a neighbor installing #Amazon #Ring such that it surveils the neighbor across the street?

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A #Belgian bank decides to force all customers to:

* buy an #iPhone or #Android
* subscribe to GSM svc
* give the ph# to Apple or Google
* tell #Apple or #Google where they bank (by downloading the app)
* install & execute proprietary #nonfreesoftware

Money is trapped in the accounts- held hostage until customers take the above steps.

Why is no one talking about this? #Aion (#MontePaschi) forces ppl into #surveillanceCapitalism w/Google/Apple patronage & no one seems to notice.

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@kensanata @Gargron @Twentyfivebux I suppose I should also say how to avoid nodes. Run this command to find CloudFlare-free Mastodon nodes: comm -13 <(torsocks curl | sort) <(torsocks lynx -dump -nolist | awk '/%/{print $3}' | sort)

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WTF is Jacob Appelbaum (@TorProject) doing on Is that an imposter or parody joke? Surely Jake knows that's a instance popular among rt wing nutters.

OTOH, there is that unfortunate parallel between /Assange & US republican ideology.

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@xj9 @ceejbot @bhaugen
Just skip the threat & move straight to . There's much more evil than just to consider:

To arm the Israeli military w/ to use against the they oppress is pretty evil.

A sensible replacement amid the movement is @codeberg

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@Br0m3x has a abuser for CEO (who previously founded a Names DB, a svc to get naive ppl to leak the contact info of their friends). also feeds privacy abusers , & . DDG was also caught violating their own privacy policy.

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@eff Note that by accepting , EFF is subjecting donors to information sharing with 600+ companies (see Bruce Schneiers blog)

the only -respecting in the world ( is currently down. Hope this is temporary! It's a sad state of affairs that users are dependant on this one search engine.

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Instead of supporting #Reddit (a #centralized #corrupt power abuser w/#censorship shenanigans), who then empowers #Amazon (thus promoting #facialrecognition, #climatedenial, & #sweatshops), it's more sensible (and ethical) to direct users to #Lemmy:

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Amnesty International: "Israel has a history of carrying out serious violations of international humanitarian law in Gaza, including war crimes, with impunity and displaying a shocking disregard for Palestinian lives.

[:tw: #news #bot]

Suggestions for Reddit alternatives wanted. is on AWS (thus feeds a abuser). also has chronic issues that have gotten out of control.

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Ok #Revolut, I think we are done here, dropping app support for rooted ROMs is one thing (even though no other way to access your account) but selling our data with only opt out via support chat and latest app ver (can't use anyway), is another.

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CloudFlare is asking for charitable donations & I find it very sickening:

Inc. makes fortunes as they *exclude* ppl from visiting the websites of other ppl, and then they enter an *inclusive* community to help themselves to a spot next to good-cause non-profit orgs.

CF scumbags have a corporate tip jar that sits next to the tip jar of projects like . They're as oblivious to their harm as a Trump supporter.


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