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Is fax making a come back or is it just me? I've basically quit sending email. I can't even recall when I last sent #email. But I send a #fax almost daily. The fax machine never forces me to solve a #CAPTCHA & the receiving side very rarely rejects my fax on the basis of not liking how I sent it (probably ~1 in 100 get rejected because I send using caller ID rejection). Fax #justWorks.

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Okay, since their IRC wasn't exactly helpful:

Did any of you #Matrix heads ever use #TOR to register at and use a Matrix service?

And did any of you set up S2S through TOR on a Matrix server and/or Matrix as a TOR hidden service?

How well did that play out?

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When I find bugs, I want to report them as a responsible user. But if the project uses Github, I can't do it.

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@VictorVenema @VictorVenema A developer just told me they would be willing to expand & enhance a tool, but because the project is in MS , they opted not to. I just want that on record for those who think putting their project on Github encourages support.

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@VictorVenema Scientists are practised at making comments look like questions. So as the White House Office of Science and Technology Policy was there I asked:

"Mr. Sheehan, is the White House #OSTP aware that the main Open Source Code repository #GitHub is forced by the US to block several countries, which makes it useless for scientific use?"


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@zacchiro There really needs to be an online service where you can report #censorship and also search the db for censorship actions before participating on a project.

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When a bank blocks Tor, it's bad for environment. Liberals (who tend to care simultaneously for the environment & privacy) are forced into a dilemma in which privacy may prevail over paperless statements. So assessing whether a bank protects the environment is not simply whether they have e-statements.. they must also permit Tor so those e-statements are reachable.

When someone says "those sweat shop workers have a choice whether to work there", my response is "Amazon's anti-competitive practices ensures that there aren't other options". What else should my response to that specific argument should I include?

It's occurred to me that the reason is such an unshakable trend is marketers are fully exploiting the concept of . They have mastered this approach to manipulate people. Everything they do is to leverage social proof.

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@rysiek If TomTom stops selling maps or Roku or Wii stops their online svc, you're fucked & yet article 1-5 miss this. A that leaves someone w/a proprietary box doesn't go far enough if it only gives legal rights & not tech means. I don't just want TomTom to allow fiddling w/their old box- I want TomTom to release the SDK & src code when it decides it's EOL.

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BTW, it's rather revolting that wrote a 23-page report on , but then they deny access to the report unless you supply them with an email address through their site. So in order to read about privacy abuses, you must allow them to invade your privacy.

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i just solved a captcha question: which editor is best: vim, emacs, nano, etc. My answer was emacs, and of course that was the correct answer.

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"The phone number of a freelance Mexican reporter, Cecilio Pineda Birto, was found in the list, apparently of interest to a Mexican client in the weeks leading up to his murder, when his killers were able to locate him at a car wash."

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This is a long but interesting read. TL;DR: the group that makes the very standards on which the internet is based is being filled with people and orgs who don’t care about your privacy.

In case anyone was wondering, Weinberg is a pushover with no constitution. I once asked him why doesn't filter out privacy-abusing sites & it triggered him. He had no sound defense.. no good answer for it. It's clear that he simply does not have the guts to truly deliver a privacy-respecting search engine. He's fixated on serving normies who are privacy-naive.

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