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"The planet is facing a “ghastly future of mass extinction, declining health and climate-disruption upheavals” that threaten human survival because of ignorance and inaction, according to an international group of scientists (...)."

#ActNow #TellTheTruth

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Report: Monsanto paid Google to bury unfavorable news" class="next-head

Monsanto had a spreadsheet of 23 specific steps it was taking to spin the news cycle in a more favorable direction." class="next-head

for "humanitarian" is "homama". IIUC, this is a meticulously designed language that's supposed to be mindful of other latin-based languages.

Great news: someone has spotted empty cardboard boxes (for moving) being delivered to the .

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❓Did you know that Libreture sends over 300 visitors a month to indie & DRM-free bookshops?

It's part of my mission to support e-bookshops, many of which are publisher or author-owned and usually independent.

Join other readers supporting indies!

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We've updated our timeline of global #SIM card registration laws.

We've warned for years that these laws could be used against activists and government critics - it's happening now in #Tanzania

So users & the public can't audit the code. The bank is also untrustworthy. Perhaps you can trust your EU bank, but US banks are like a fusion between surveillance capitalism & police agencies. The only way to have a fighting chance at a trustworthy app is if it's signed on .

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Where I bank is sensitive information. It has value, most especially to debt collectors, hackers, and adversaries. Hackers would love to have that info not necessarily to attack the acct but to write a convincing ransom demand. Google ties downloads to identities. The app can only be exclusively jailed in a walled garden if the source code is secret (and it is).

To those who think is irrelevant to the US First Amendment & body of free speech laws, the courts find otherwise =>

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NPR reporting this morning that Trump administration is trying to force banks to lend to businesses that may be against their social policies (e.g. oil and assault rifle manufacturers).

It's the *government* (not ) who violates the 1st amendment by enabling TWTR to restrict msgs to gov. reps.

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Something that's been bouncing around in my head a lot during the past few months is a quote (attributed to Franklin Leonard - “When you’re accustomed to privilege, equality feels like oppression.” Which, I think, goes a long way towards explaining why the US is imploding right now.

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All v3 onion addresses offline:

"It appears that somebody has made their own #Tor client implementation and it fetches its dir info in a very rude way. If anybody knows details of it, please do let us know."

have high respect for private property rights- moreso than .. Right up until their king gets booted from 's private (where free speech doesn't even apply).

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@deejoe @andre @resist1984

One thing on my project list: a Universal Product Catalog. Find a product on the site, and the site will link you directly to all the places you can get it (online and/or local to you) -- the actual product pages, where possible -- eventually with crowdsourced ratings of each source, along various metrics including ethicality.

To those disturbed by the attack on the US capitol: this is a good time to recall that & are both members, which means they financially support . them both. Use instead.

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The Internet was built as a kind of decentralized democracy. Change is slow and messy but it protects us from a single entity forcing their will on us.

When you move your data and social graph to a closed platform you vote for authoritarian rule.

Such choices never end well.

supports the violent -supporting insurrectionists. I won't go to until he's out. When will that be? 2023? BTW, is the "Social Liberal Party" much more right wing than it sounds?

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@resist1984 @jubes #CapitalOne also suffered a #databreach for trusting Amazon #AWS with sensitive data. And more importantly, #Liberapay foolishly continues to trust AWS w/financial data with full-throated defense of Amazon despite leaks:

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