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@ilpianista Plz don't use . is not a good company to empower. In addition to these issues:

MS gave $100k to the Cloakroom to hide meetings between conservative US republican politicians & corporations.

If I find a bug on a github-hosted project, I do not report it b/c of all the red tape in loggin in.

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@jalcine Great intentions but absolutely despicable that they jailed that project in , thus feeding an enemy of their own mission and subjecting users to MS surveillance and control. Those boycotting ICE-feeding corps are fundamentally blocked from contributing to that project.

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@Framasoft Here's the shit alternatives--

,,: trapped in the Great Wall of

: registration blocked by Google reCAPTCHA

: Condaleeza Rice is on the board

: spam hell & broken anyway

: uses Amazon AWS; requires registration with non-disposable email acct

: paywall with 30 day trial

: svc denied to non-MS users

: verification email never comes if using a disposable email address

Everytime you visit the website, you give them power.

Yelp is corrupt. When business stop paying Yelp, Yelp deletes positive feedback. Yelp is also a abuser. Yelp forces users to compromise their IP address by blocking . Yelp also refuses business responses unless they include a photo of the business owner.

Stop giving Yelp power.

workaround: follow using instead of relying on the dodgy webpage.

An account I cannot follow from

The "proceed to follow" button takes no action when clicked. is not accepting registrations either, so following locally is not an option either. WTF.

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someone made an open list of companies that supported + are using ICE

Note that the Eyebeam Center for the Future of Journalism who funded that study unwittingly has their own site in CloudFlare's of and abuse. WTF ppl.

Everyone who considers themselves aware of 's societal detriment should repeat this challenge:

Would be cool if we could game it - the person who empowers Amazon the least for a year wins a bag of reddit gold.. (oh shit, can't be that).. wins an anonymous account (oh shit, no).. okay, we give them a dirt hut in the middle of the Amazon forest with no internet service.

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never use a phone or a computer

New SIM Card Flaw Lets Hackers Hijack Any Phone Just By Sending SMS

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says " will not run unless you update Google Play Services". WTF.. what are we trusting Google Play Services to do for us? has burned the bridge between their own users and non- users. is now blocked by a login screen, so key management is out of our hands. The only advantage HM had over @protonmail is now gone.

is using (a CloudFlare site) to sell t-shirts. Unwitting privacy advocates share their name, address & cc# with CloudFlare Inc. in a foolish attempt to financially support a profit-driven corporation that only pretends to promote privacy. is now CloudFlared.. when the hell did that happen? Bastards.

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