So why do YOU care about online privacy? Is it more because of how businesses sell your data? Or more about your data being exposed in breaches? Or another reason altogether.
How far are you willing to go with online privacy and why?

I'm so close! I got my router configured with the new DDNS service (no-ip). I'm now at the port forwarding stage and port forwarding 80 works but I don't want that. Forwarding port 443 fails and I have to find out why that is. As soon as I get past this step, I'll be shooting to get an SSL cert to make the connection official.

Any help would be very appreciated. :)

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Never mind. My router only supports two DDNS services and only one of which is free. I have no option but to use No-IP Dynamic DNS. Hope this is a good service!

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I don't see any recommendations for DDNS services on the Privacy Tools website. I wonder why. Like, would ClouDNS be OK? I'm trying to get my Nextcloud server accessible externally and I guess I'd like a free DDNS service to help make that happen. I wonder if that is asking for too much. πŸ˜…

I just set up my first server ever! Went with Nextcloud for some file sharing. I had to go to YouTube looking for a walk-through but I got it running as its own appliance. πŸ˜ƒ Now to get it accessible externally...

Is there actually a reason to switch from LastPass to BitWarden?

Man, crazy that it really is hard to avoid the use of Google services for navigation. πŸ˜…

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I'm curious, what do you guys use for navigation? You have very little options when it comes to privacy right? This has to be the hardest area of privacy conscious decision making.

I have no way to tell if the DuckDuckGo browser for Android is using a Chromium code base. And I don't know how to read open source code to see if that would help enlighten me. πŸ˜… Wiki pages don't help here either. Does anyone else know how to know?

Does anyone use NetGuard on Android without any privacy concerns?

What keyboard do you use and what do you avoid on your Android device? Regardless of OS (i.e., OxygenOS, Lineage OS, etc.) And why.

What do you have to use Windows for? πŸ€“

Between Brave and Firefox, what browser would you choose to balance privacy with performance? And what's your reason?

With Microsoft Windows, people push for least privilege in the sense that you should use a standard user account and when permission elevation is required, enter the password to the local admin account when the elevation prompt appears. In the Linux world with the sudo command, least privilege isn't relevant correct?

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