Looking for volunteers who would be interested in translating privacytools.io to any variety of different languages (via Weblate). If you're interested shoot me a DM :)

@schlink @kelbot probably Signal (for IRL friends/family) and Keybase (for online friends & acquaintances). They are both still imperfect solutions. Not sure what is so difficult about creating a great instant messenger specifically, when basically every other software category has decent alternatives, but here we are. cc @jonah

Affiliate marketing schemes are untrustwothy by design. There's no better example of this than VPN "review" sites. blog.privacytools.io/the-troub

Who feels like they “have no choice” but to use websites and technology from organizations they do not trust?

#privacy #trust #apps #technology
#infosec #work #family #internet

Just gonna pin this message on my profile... if you want a quicker answer to your question you’ll have to mention @jonah for me to see it.

And while I have you here, if you like what we do and you like our Mastodon server please consider contributing at opencollective.com/privacytool — gracias! 😇

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Hey Reddit fans! The privacytools.io team will be doing an AMA on r/Privacy from Oct 25 to Oct 27! Prepare your questions and find our answers and more in two weeks 😁

@romil it’s hard to do E2EE with multiple clients, and with nice features like mobile notifications.

Having "nothing to hide" is not an excuse for giving up your liberties. Protect yourself from mass surveillance programs: Learn how at privacytools.io/

Anyone want to help privacytools.io with some somewhat tedious tasks? 😆

I'm trying to add i18n support to the site so we can get some translations up! But it means I need pretty much every English string to be copied to a separate file to be translated. Info @ github.com/privacytoolsIO/priv

@moz You're probably right. But it's good that the mainstream media is informing about this now.

Goodbye, Chrome: Google’s web browser has become spy software

Our latest privacy experiment found Chrome ushered more than 11,000 tracker cookies into our browser — in a single week. Here’s why Firefox is better.


Our instance reached 1.000 Users! Thank you all for joining and making this a great community.

The world leaders in Internet are Chinese or American.

This table shows us the importance of developing European champions.

It's in progress: OVH, Deezer, Qwant, Spotify, Zalando...

We want to congratulate the @Matrix@twitter.com project on reaching 1.0 and starting the Matrix foundation! And yes, Talk interoperability is on our minds 🤔 #decentralization

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