@BurungHantu I though I saw Chinese or Korean posts. Couldnt make out what they were posting about though.

@sam_i_am It's really great. It allows you to view and edit documents directly in your browser with multiple users. Similar to GD.

Here's the guide I used to set it up if you plan on installing it: linuxbabe.com/cloud-storage/in

I just setup my instance with and I don't think I need Google Drive at all anymore. This is an amazing feature!

Is it me or is this instance getting spammed lately?

@jonah Self-hostable is a huge plus. Does federated mean that I can host my own server and be able to communicate with users on other servers?

@jonah I'm not familiar with Riot. From the screenshots I see, it looks similar to Discord. Is that accurate?

@Mayana How do you manage calendars when using ProtonMail. That's one Google feature that I'm having trouble getting away from.

@nikolal It's a fork of Pocket Plays which I've used in the past and enjoyed it. Thanks for the info!

@Wetrix Seems like both have a gold rating (works well with minor configurations).



I don't play pc games on Linux but I know it's becoming more and more stable.

@thoughtcrime @jonah I thought it was but searching for those two keywords nothing specific comes up. I'm beginning to doubt that it's complete e2ee

What's everyone's opinion of Protonmail vs Startmail?

@jonah I find startpage.com results to be very good.

@ibmiubu I don't have a philosophy per se but GPS apps with updated traffic info is important to me so I look the other way with the tracking stuff there. The one thing I will go out of my way to avoid tracking is with sms and emails. I don't want any scanning of that info.

@Yeet I'm using Tusky on Android. I'm happy with it.

@Mayana Also curious about this. Seems kind of odd that you would have to create another account. Also curious about the possibility of migrating an account from one instance to another.

Questions about and DNS resolvers 

@nikolal I've only been using it on Android with Blokada (ad blocker). I haven't noticed a speed drop from Google's resolvers.

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