What's everyone's opinion of Protonmail vs Startmail?

@pkntl Different audiences, I think StartMail is probably fine privacy-wise, haven't used it myself, but ProtonMail is much more focused on the security aspect and I think does a better job at it IMO. I'd probably go with ProtonMail personally.

I have, only the free service though. A friend pays for it (I convices him hehe) and is ableto watch netflix successfully
@jonah @pkntl

Btw: @protonvpn

@thoughtcrime @jonah I thought it was but searching for those two keywords nothing specific comes up. I'm beginning to doubt that it's complete e2ee

I think it is not, it only lets you PGP encrypt easily. On the other hand, #protonmail encrypts your mail with a key they dont have (of course they recieve it in a different way, but they at least encrypt it)

@thoughtcrime @pkntl to be fair Protonmail is really only E2EE with other Protonmail users, who aren't numerous. PGP is the best solution for email E2EE, and that's a provider agnostic solution.

I agree, thats why I prefer #protonmail to #tutanota, their e2e implememtation is pgp-compatible (its pgp actually) whereas tuta's isnt

@thoughtcrime interesting, wasn't aware of that. At the end of the day it really just depends on your threat model I suppose. Personally I would probably just go self-hosted for everything and use client-side encryption (PGP) rather than trust some closed-source solution (Protonmail) to do it for me. But my privacy needs don't require anonymity (which I feel are often conflated). If you're looking to hide your identity but need to accept clearnet emails, Protonmail seems like the best bet.

@pkntl if it makes a difference for anyone here protonmail just got blocked in Russia.

I like proton mail myself. 🙂

@pkntl If you haven't considered them already, look at Tutanota too, just wish they'd add digital currency as a payment option.😩

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