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Facebook complains that iOS14 is too private, says it will suspend the collection of certain user information and ID data from their iOS apps when iOS 14 launches.




TODAY @ 12:34UTC

Meanwhile in an Abandoned Warehouse reaches its 50th episode & its final episode in its current form.

We retrace our journey, discuss what we’ve learned, & lay out our new plans.



Fri December 20 @ 12:34UTC

Noises from the Commons

In this episode we look at four other, quite different, musics made available in this way.

Karine Gilanyan plays the first movement of Beethoven’s Piano Sonata number 15 in D Major. Jahzzar plays the self-composed Fibonacci from his album kontra-punkte. Bob Ostertag performs Arms and Legs. Julie Licata presents her work resound.

Meanwhile in an Abandoned Warehouse

From miaaw.net & wherever you get your podcasts

TOMORROW: Friday July 31 @ 12:34UTC

In this episode Sophie Hope and Owen Kelly talk with Loraine Leeson about her work from the 1970s onwards, including her work with Peter Dunn in the 1980s in London Docklands, and her subsequent work online and with The Geezers

PLUS: Active Energy, her new book Art:Process:Change & Arts for Labour!


Tomorrow at 12:34 UTC!!!

David Teevan Part 2: a look at some of the people, places & events from the history of collaborative arts in Ireland.

With @alicemellings & @OwenKelly



David Teevan, an Irish cultural producer, discusses his take on the complex history of collaborative and participatory arts in Ireland.

Sophie & Owen join in.

Friday July 3 @ 12:34UTC


Friday June 19 @ 12:34UTC

In this episode Monika Dutta and Jake Harries discuss their project to rewild "a little piece of land". They explain what it is actually like to do this as a day to day practice. How does rewilding work? How do they know what to eat? How do they know how to cook it? How does this fit into their wider practice, and to ideas of cultural democracy?

Listen and PASS IT ON!


Friday May 22 @ 12:34UTC

Owen Kelly talks with Jake Harries, the director of art and innovation at Access Space, in Sheffield, England.

They discuss the ways in which the current lockdown has affected Access Space, as well as a range of issues including the commons, laser printing, open source, and possible futures.


Today @ 12:34UTC

Locked down, Owen Kelly dives into the historical cultural commons and discusses and plays the very first episode of The Shadow radio series, starring Orson Welles.


Friday April 10 @ 12:34 UTC

In a time of lockdown Owen Kelly looks at a range of music currently available under a creative commons licence.

He looks at artist-released music as well as songs available through the Free Music Archive, Jamendo and Tribe of Noise.

You will hear David Rovics, Samie Power, Kat Penkin, Solsar, Jon Worthy & the Bends, Radha Thomas, Shoemansky, Starmob, ...mmm and Lessazo.



Sophie Hope (@alicemellings) and Mike Neary discuss Students as Producers, the current academic strikes across England, the idea behind teach-outs, and the role of education in establishing a post-capitalist society.

, activism -out -capitalism


Friday Feb 14 @ 12:34UTC

@owenkelly & Irma Sippola have begun 2 cultural projects in India: empowering women & teaching teenage girls to code. @alicemellings asks why & gets very long answers

Meanwhile in an Abandoned Warehouse


@alicemellings & @owenkelly talk to Russell Southwood about What A Way To Run A Railroad. He co-authored it in 1985. We ask how the book got written, and what effects it had.

Find us at miaaw.net

Also available on anchor.fm/miaaw and at Apple, Google, Soundcloud, Spotify and more...

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It's so ridiculously refreshing to not read a blog post on Medium. It's a testament to humanity that people still host this information on their own servers perhaps years after it is no longer relevant to them, and anyone, anywhere, can access it, read it, learn, and pay it forward. Medium is a (para)site on the Internet.


Friday December 20 @ 12:34UTC

Sofia Bustamante works with conflict resolution. She has a black belt in Aikido and bases her many of her workshop exercises & techniques on insights she has gained from this.

Her current work involves developing a systematic Conflict Resolution Pattern Language. In this episode we talk about the relationships between this, traditional fears of naming, and General Semantics.

Available at 12:34 UTC on Friday!


MIAAW Ep 31: Problematising in Zagreb

In November 2019, Sophie Hope attended a seminar at Kultura Nova in Zagreb. Sarah Feinstein and Lucy Wright also attended.

After the event they sat and discussed what they had learned.

Quite a lot, apparently.

Also available on anchor.fm/miaaw and at Apple, Google, Soundcloud, Spotify and more...

URL: miaaw.net

Ep 30: Novr 22, 2019 at 12:34 UTC

Title: Field Community Art

community art, cultural democracy, future, international, decentralisation

Length: 41:32

Owen Kelly talks with Stephen Pritchard (who is establishing a group called Field Community Art) about the challenges of working locally and internationally through the lens of a decentralised collective. Stephen promises all will become clear by the end of the year.

Have a listen and SPREAD THE WORD!

Meanwhile in an Abandoned Warehouse - discussions about cultural democracy

URL: miaaw.net

Available today at 12:34 UTC

Contagious Tapes: an artifact

On October 28, Sophie Hope and Owen Kelly met in Newcastle to attend a symposium. Everyone who attended had received a request to bring an artifact with them.

Owen brought a copy of a manual for Contagious Tapes, an 80s project to record and distribute music outside the music business.

Please have a listen and PASS IT ON!

Available at 12:34 UTC on Friday!

Episode 27 of Meanwhile in an Abandoned Warehouse!

In this episode Owen Kelly and Sophie Hope dig out their copies of Marxism & Literature and discuss the cultural theory that Raymond Williams develops there in considerably more detail.

Find us at miaaw.net Also available on anchor.fm/miaaw and at Apple, Google, Soundcloud, Spotify and more...

Available at 12:34 UTC today!

Episode 27 of Meanwhile in an Abandoned Warehouse!

At miaaw.net

Sophie Hope & Owen Kelly discuss the relationship between community art, participatory arts, cultural democracy & cultural diversity with film maker George Fleming. He introduces us to the work of Rachel Davis Dubois, who developed plans for intercultural education in the 1930s.

Also available on anchor.fm/miaaw & more...

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