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Me: *posts interesting stuff*
Fediverse: 0 boosts, 1 fav from some rando.
Me: *shitposts*
Fediverse: 554 boosts, 4523 favs, including your aunt who just signed up just to fav you.

Magic โ„ข๏ธ.

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Me: *trying to engage in conversations and meet new, interesting people*
New, interesting people: *fav me and never reply*


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PSA: Stop labelling people interested in OPSEC and privacy as "paranoid". Paranoia is a mental illness, heavily influenced by fear, that makes someone believe they're under constant threat even when there is no evidence for thinking so.

Being careful about your online identity, privacy, taking care of your passwords, and using second factor authentication is not paranoia. It's common sense.

There are malicious actors who want to get their hands on as much information as possible. This is fact.

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Starting out in ? Need recommendations for good mobile and desktop apps?

Good news! now has a listing of commonly used apps, check it out!

Boost this so other, newer Mastodon users can see it, or recommend it to a friend who just started!

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> if you work less you earn less
wow damn neoliberalists
pooltoys were invented by furries to have a fetish even more degenerate than furrydom
@one @succfemboi tbh the CEO of bad dragon literally does fuck dogs and it's a bad look
The most vocal critics of furries are furries

oh god theres like 300 of you following me what the fuck go home

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Huawei reportedly in talks with Aptoide to find replacement for Google Play Store

If Huawei phones with no Google Services Framework will be popular anyway, I think it will be the best that could happen to Android as an open source project on anytime. This will mean that some developers will make their apps working on phones with no GSF.

okay, so fursona is adapted from persona right?

so why has no one started using "fursonally"?

I forgot you're meant to put inspiring messages on Pinterest cliche photography so here we go ยท

I am getting very tired of companies marketing "unlimited", be it either cell data service, storage allowance, or whatever.

Guys. It's simple physics, really. Nobody can guarantee you an infinity of anything. I instantly distrust companies that make those kinds of claims, because it's ridiculous.

And no. 500 TBs is not "unlimited".

It should be illegal for companies to offer "unlimited" anything.

Nothing is truly infinite, except maybe human stupidity, like Einstein said.

"Qualcomm Inc illegally suppressed competition in the market for smartphone chips by threatening to cut off supplies and extracting excessive licensing fees, a U.S. judge ruled, a decision that could force the company to overhaul its business practices." -

virgin ubuntu developer: goes to the space

chad void linux leader: vanishes into the void

oneplus' line of "never settle" is really ironic now that they're pushing out phones over โ‚ฌ700

kinda funny that the pocophone has ended up becoming the new oneplus, except that instead of the cool Oxygen OS it has MIUI which

you should instantly replace with LineageOS

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