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Linux Foundation has been quietly developing a project that might solve the supply chain attacks that are now on the rise - basically, a cryptographic transparency log of signed artifacts such as libraries, packages etc. It's in early phase but looks very promising

Dark dot fail and onion dot live websites are compromised, stop using onion links from those websites until they are safe again. Attacker managed to switch DNS providers.

I got out of the hospital and my father should be out soon. I feel weak after covid and got some other complications such are increased pulse and diarrhea from antibiotics. Get vaccinated folks, don't be lazy or stupid, you don't need to waste your time and body.

I've been hospitalized with my father for a week now due to covid, we are getting better but time sure passes slowly when you are in hospital.

@nikolal Igor Pavlov (developer of 7zip) indicated in one comment that 7zip for Linux would have the same license it already has, LGPL. It seems he just didn't want to release the source yet in order to polish everything. After all 21.01 is an alpha version and there is also some trouble with compiling it on some platforms.

If you want good copy/write speeds with USB flash drives on both Windows and Linux machines format flash drive as btrfs and install WinBtrfs driver for Windows machine. There is no real need to make subvolumes, just format is important. WinBtrfs driver is open source:

Now that the new OnionShare has better command line support, I just wrote a guide explaining how to run your own anonymous Tor dropbox on a Raspberry Pi. Check it out:

If you have any leaks, load this URL in Tor Browser to send them my way: vxat6yszh7o5r2fxzvibxsb4lmfi6y

First time using ansible for Valheim dedicated server setup, very neat tool.

Has anyone been setting up Valheim dedicated server on linux? Where can I copy existing world to my server for me to connect to it?

If you are under impression of tv show "The Queens Gambit" and want to try yourself at chess I've found FOSS chess website with no ads and minimal javascript:

You don't even need registration to play, and you can play with friends without registering

This is a super interesting tool for organizing groups of people over #Signal:

(yes, the website is horrendous)

Enables broadcast or hotline service via Signal. This is different from regular Signal groups in important ways:
- broadcast: only the admins can send messages, which are sent to all users
- hotline: messages are only sent between a user and the admins who respond; nobody else gets them.

You can set-up your own:

Microsoft repository installed on all raspberry pies, you can switch to other OS other than Raspberry OS (previously Raspbian) or you can take other steps to remove it. Make sure somehow to notify Raspberry OS devs that this is not ok. More on this reddit post (from teddit mirror):

If your Arch can't boot because of apparently missing efi bootloader when you switch SSD/HDD just pass --removable when reinstalling grub with grub-install. I think this also might be true with Manjaro, but you can do the same.

I like this punch to Wall Street guys with GameStop shares, they've been far too greedy for far too long.

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