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Has anyone been setting up Valheim dedicated server on linux? Where can I copy existing world to my server for me to connect to it?

If you are under impression of tv show "The Queens Gambit" and want to try yourself at chess I've found FOSS chess website with no ads and minimal javascript:

You don't even need registration to play, and you can play with friends without registering

This is a super interesting tool for organizing groups of people over #Signal:

(yes, the website is horrendous)

Enables broadcast or hotline service via Signal. This is different from regular Signal groups in important ways:
- broadcast: only the admins can send messages, which are sent to all users
- hotline: messages are only sent between a user and the admins who respond; nobody else gets them.

You can set-up your own:

Microsoft repository installed on all raspberry pies, you can switch to other OS other than Raspberry OS (previously Raspbian) or you can take other steps to remove it. Make sure somehow to notify Raspberry OS devs that this is not ok. More on this reddit post (from teddit mirror):

If your Arch can't boot because of apparently missing efi bootloader when you switch SSD/HDD just pass --removable when reinstalling grub with grub-install. I think this also might be true with Manjaro, but you can do the same.

I like this punch to Wall Street guys with GameStop shares, they've been far too greedy for far too long.

TIL that if you are in some folder using KDE Dolphin and if you press F4 terminal will open in same window/tab.

If you are running Whonix in KVM you will see that user "nobody" uses those processes, pretty neat.

Finally back to LineageOS, I've had it previously on my Nexus 5 (RIP) but I haven't been using it since I didn't have phone which supports it. Now I've finally unlocked Xiaomi Redmi note 8 pro with little hassle but trouble was worth it. Lineage seems very fast although some functionality is missing such is selfie camera (feature?) and fingerprint unlock. Anyway if anyone needs help unlocking xiaomi or have questions about functionality feel free to ask.

ssh-copy-id 'user@remotehost' # Automatically installs your SSH public key to the remote host (this is included in the openssh package). Need an alternate SSH port, just use '-p PORTNUM user@remotehost'

Seems smooth update from Manjaro to latest 460 nvidia driver, nothing is broken. I'm yet to test it with some games.

Open hardware and open source software for low cost device which measures air pollution in most polluted country in the world, Serbia. You can see product "climerco" and people behind it here:

Iz Srbije si i zelis da ucestvujes u mapiranju zagadjenja? Mozes da se prijavis na ovoj formi:

Vise o organizaciji ovde:

How law enforcement gets around your smartphone’s encryption: Openings provided by iOS and Android security are there for those with the right tools - See

#technology #encryption #security #privacy #Mobile

I've just deleted whatsapp, told a couple of my friends that aren't already using signal where to find me if they need me. Leaving whatsapp still isn't trending in my country but I hope that will change soon.

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