LetsEncrypt recently reiterated the need for setting TLSA records for all of their certificates, including backup ones, not just the current X3. Here you can find convenient cheat-sheet with ready-to-use DNS records and appropriate hashes:


SysAdmin Fun 

Add unstable repo, you can install wireguard from it

Matrix server is more private/secure since chats and rooms can be set up to use end to end encryption. IRC chats are secured (afaik) only in transport with TLS while Matrix chats are secured with TLS and with private keys of devices. Hosting Matrix server might be problem in terms of performance, it depends on how many people you intend to use it.

Wait untill you learn about gpu passtrough. I've bricked my laptop twice trying to make it work.

Proprietary nvidia driver isn't supported by kernel 5.9, you'll have to wait mid-november for nvidia to make it usable.


Afaik there is no way to do this from mastodon clients. You can use rss to fetch feeds of accounts you need

It isn't whole story of course, I was just pointing how powerful they are in that aspect.

I've learned in Snowdens "Permanent Record" that CIA and other intelligence agencies are hosted by Amazon AWS and Snowden makes a point that decision by US government is not a very good one. I think its one of the reasons why Amazon got in position to pay 0$ in taxes, they litteraly own US inteligence IT infrastructure and they have power to get away with it.

I find dark mode easier on my eyes but maybe I'm exception. I'm also running night mode with warmer colors and I don't find myself rubbing my eyes after whole day(s) starring at computer screen. Maybe its individual after all

Whats the reason behind using light mode? Didn't see that post

Yikes. Nano Adblocker / Defender has been bought for an undisclosed amount and under new ownership. The privacy policies for the Chromium versions have been removed.



@syntax Other way is to use Wireshark and sniff traffic which your smartmeter sends or recieves. Either way you will be doing some sort of man in the middle attack

@syntax Routers cannot see DNS requests (maybe some can, mine cant) which your smartmeter may request, but you can set your smartmeter to use your Linux machine as DNS proxy and log DNS queries. This can be done using dnscrypt-proxy package, you can enable logging with github.com/DNSCrypt/dnscrypt-p
and if your smartmeter sends some requests you will be able to see them by filtering logs with smartmeter IP address.

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