I did, I liked technical part of the show but not so much some other part. I don't want to spoil it for you.

As final step you can setup Wireguard VPN for devices (cellphone) outside of your local network to use PiHole on your local network. I find most value in this because cellphones are most vulnerable to ads.

Just make sure that dnscrypt-proxy service listens on some other port than 53 because your PiHole uses it already, set some random port and specify it in PiHole DNS settings as

You can just change DNS provider on your router settings to PiHole local ip address, this way you use DNS provider whichever you set your PiHole to use. You can set up dnscrypt-proxy with DoH on backend or other encryption for PiHole to use. More on tool here: github.com/DNSCrypt/dnscrypt-p

I feel your struggles, I'm still on 17.1 but won't update until 18.1 is usable. Thanks for heads up.

I don't know about that since I'm not cyber security expert. Point of my post is that uBO addon developer noted that uBO works best on Firefox in terms of adblocking. I think that uBO is must have addon regardless of what browser you are using, it makes internet so much cleaner.

Zajebana stvar, obojica smo imali pneumoniju na oba plucna krila, s obzirom da je kod mene malo gore stanje sto se pluca tice ali bolje sto se tice svega ostalog. Neki ljudi igraju kolo na trgu, ne znaju sa cime se igraju

I got out of the hospital and my father should be out soon. I feel weak after covid and got some other complications such are increased pulse and diarrhea from antibiotics. Get vaccinated folks, don't be lazy or stupid, you don't need to waste your time and body.

I've been hospitalized with my father for a week now due to covid, we are getting better but time sure passes slowly when you are in hospital.

@dani Either way, mathstodon owner has to add those emojis if you have account on that instance

You need to have those emojis on your instance. You can ask @kev where to find those emojis, he has them on fosstodon instance

@kravietz They mix how someone feels with what is truth, facts don't care much about feelings.

I would argue that some filesystem that uses CoW (copy on write) is a must when using arch, unless you want to chroot into your system everytime it breaks.

Ever heard of snapshots? Very cool stuff for restoring and backing up your data in an instant. Enter BTRFS (or ZFS): filesystem that lets you restore your / or /home (or any other folder when set up) before system boots to broken one, denying fear of broken updates, just dont forget to make some snapshots or use tools to make them for you from time to time. I use BTRFS since its already built in kernel and seems easier to set up.

Since its rolling distro things (rarely) tend to brake, especially if you use Nvidia GPUs, rolling distro means that you get latest updates which aren't tested long enough to see if they are stable. This is where Manjaro comes as little bit more stable since they test more kernel and gpu updates before pushing them to repos. How to not care about system break in next toot.

I use Arch for 3 reasons:
1) rolling distro so you get latest software updates (good for games, bad for other reasons, see next toot)
2) Very good documentation on ArchWiki
3) AUR - no more adding PPAs or manualy building software

Pacman is also very fast package manager, better visualisation of what is being done than apt imo.

Bad stuff in next toot.

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