Many people are switching all over the world, I'm sure that trend will come eventually

Most of them are even before this whatsapp change, my argument was that facebook messenger for our drinking group is slow and I called everybody to join and they just followed. I've convinced many people to use signal but none to switch to some linux distro, I'm getting close on convincing one of my friends.

I've just deleted whatsapp, told a couple of my friends that aren't already using signal where to find me if they need me. Leaving whatsapp still isn't trending in my country but I hope that will change soon.

@syntax Did you consider setting up smb folder as temporary besides LUKS? Something like /tmp? I think it might be useful if you are lazy to delete data.

I can't seem to bring my onion site up again. I've read that there was attack on onion v3 addresses yesterday, this is still going on? consensus-health.torproject.or
I can reach Dread onion site but can't reach dark.fail v2 onion site. What the hell is going on?

@ThreeBadgersInATrenchcoat Ungoogled chromium is first alternative I will jump to if (when?) Firefox dies completely, I will refer to this guide when I do so.

@syntax My only fear is read/write speed for large files since I plan to host some via Nextcloid or IPFS, I don't know if SD is up to the task.

Report back please on performance of SD card, I'm thinking of getting SSD and RPi4 but if SD is good I won't chanage it

Techincal details behind Telegrams bug which enabled unregistred person-in-the-middle attack by server. (Patched years ago)


They will for sure, unless there are some incidents about it

@gritnot @technoprenerd I recommend using some ethereum wallet on TailsOS since you need root account enabled (which isn't by default) for some malware you get to run. Also there is encrypted persistent storage for your seed word list to be safe.

@kravietz @tweety Wow, this thread exploded fast. Anyway @kravietz what is more concerning is that my my mother and aunt are doctors and both were hospitalized for three weeks because of covid. My father still thinks that vaccines for this virus will be worse than virus itself. And there are lots of people like him, its really something to be worried about.

You don't think that there are some links between Facebook services (Facebook, Instagram and now Whatsapp) which make better analytics of user overall? I think if you visit t-shirt page on Facebook that t-shirt shop ads will appear on Instagram and vice versa. I don't think Facebook accurates ads only on its website, data is shared between Facebook services and Whatsapp will help now more with it. Anyway I hope that ads will reach high level of creepines for people to switch.

Will antivaxx community make this curve less exponential? I didn't think they are so powerfull until I saw how many they are in my parents circle of friends. And they are full conspiracy package from US: chemtrails, 5G you name it

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