Selfhostable paper scanner database with OCR for easy search and encryption:

I'll play with this for sure when I get some hardware

@gritnot I think it is, Fedilab for example shows feeds from peertube instances which you can interact with.

@tilduke I think that apps which access secret service only have access to specified group, because if you have same app password in some other group app won't launch of it will throw error.

@tilduke I'm using it with KeePassXC addon on Firefox for autocomplete feature, article shows how to use KeePassXC for secret service instead of gnome-keyring (if you are using gnome DE) for example. This comes in handy if you don't have installed secret service on distro by default (such is Arch btw)

If you are using Tutanota desktop clien tand have that "cannot access secret storage message" (link to faq: you can use KeepassXC to be your secret storage provider

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How does timeshift work? Wouldn't backups die also in case of hdd/ssd failure or do you copy those backups somewhere else?

I like newer kernel and GPU drivers for gaming, thats why I keep latest working snapshot just in case.

How often do you take snapshots of your / folder? I'm just having one which is snapshot of last successful boot, reasoning is working kernel and GPU driver. I've made script which deletes old snapshot, takes new one and changes its permissions to write, I can boot from it in GRUB menu. I've seen people take many snapshots but I'm wondering whats reasoning behind it.

If you are using same folder encrypted with Cryptomator on both Windows and Linux there might be problem with write permissions inside decrypted folder. Solution is to chown encrypted folder and you will have your permissions when you decrypt it

I think people will think more than ever to switch to new version of Windows. Secure boot is must, internet connection for installing windows is also must and tpm chips too. I guess we will see boost in Linux users but not before Windows 10 reaches EOL in 2025

@r000t There was a way to prevent setting up online MS account when installing Windows by not having internet on setup. What will happen if people do the same on setting up Windows 11? Is there hope?

If your grub won't add other systems to boot menu just add this line in /etc/default/grub file:
GRUB_DISABLE_OS_PROBER=false and rebuild grub

Cryptomator works fine with WinBTRFS formatted hard drive on Windows. If you use same hard drive on both Windows and Linux with Cryptomator and you don't want low transfer speeds WinBTRFS driver is a solution. Link:

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