If you are running Whonix in KVM you will see that user "nobody" uses those processes, pretty neat.

Those requests are for debian ntp, anyone has similar issue? That seems like waaay to much

I stopped podcast because I was interuppted by some business I had to attend to. This was time when podcast is stopped, very symetric prime numbers. Maybe I should go for some lottery today

Wtf, neither Firefox or Tor browser will load Youtube video when clicking play, Brave browser works fine and this morning it worked fine on Firefox too. Error looks like this:

Students workspace, its messier than it looks like. Redrafted, messed up hashtag

First time seeing this under "domain", seems very weird. Anyone knows what it might be?

So I'm having this white border around my Firefox and it only shows when I go to some webpage, there isn't that border when I go to new tab. I'm using user.js template from github.com/ghacksuserjs/ghacks. Any ideas how to remove that border?

This website is shown after latest Bromite update, and what really weird is that its show after clearing whole history, cache and site settings. What the hell is it? I get this error when trying to connect to it

Cool Android app for your pihole dashboard, its called Flutterhole and its available on F-Droid.


block recommendation 

Better to spend more money for good thermo isolation

@jonah @one@mstdn.io
This is what it looks like with ssh tunnel, I'm not physicaly where raspberry pi is

This cute but concise and useful comics from r/linux are really neat. Grep, awk and sed:

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