If you are using Tutanota desktop clien tand have that "cannot access secret storage message" (link to faq: tutanota.com/faq/#secretstorag) you can use KeepassXC to be your secret storage provider

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@nikolal Oh nice. I didn't realise this was properly integrated now. I have still been using the autotype feature.

@nikolal Have you tried using it with Firefox or Chromium like the article suggests is possible? Neither seem to have an option to integrate with the secret API and instead use their own storage.

@nikolal Also concerning it basically only lets you specify which group to share but no other restrictions on what application can access it or which fields are visible to the application. Sure it pops a notification but if I'm looking away that doesn't help me.

@tilduke I think that apps which access secret service only have access to specified group, because if you have same app password in some other group app won't launch of it will throw error.

@tilduke I'm using it with KeePassXC addon on Firefox for autocomplete feature, article shows how to use KeePassXC for secret service instead of gnome-keyring (if you are using gnome DE) for example. This comes in handy if you don't have installed secret service on distro by default (such is Arch btw)

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