@nikolal Hmmm, are you on Arch? If so, what DE are you on?
I’m on Arch with i3 and my Firefox looks pretty bad. I wonder if we see the same thing?

I'm on arch, KDE. I like more simplistic look of firefox

I also use kvantum themes for smoother edges and overall look, dunno didn't know that many users hate new firefox look so much

@nikolal If you're talking about the proton thing you're literally the first person I interacted online since it came in a nightly build like few months ago that doesn't absolutely hate it. Next you'll say you use Pocket 🤣

I guess its just internet hive mind. I definetely don't hate proton look on firefox

@nikolal @shitpisscum Haven't used it yet but looking forward to it. Also it's nice that not everyone seems to hate on new Firefox. But seriously, who uses pocket?

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