I got out of the hospital and my father should be out soon. I feel weak after covid and got some other complications such are increased pulse and diarrhea from antibiotics. Get vaccinated folks, don't be lazy or stupid, you don't need to waste your time and body.

@nikolal I hope you feel better soon! Will get the shots when they are available to me

@nikolal hmm I'm not so sure. They don't even know what the side FX of the vaccine are or long term FX. When they develop a vax in 9 months and the last one took 10 years I think I'll sit back and let other people be the first wave of Guinea pigs 🐹

@Wetrix @nikolal Phizer and Modern are making profits on these vaccines at US $30 - $36 per dose. The executives and investors already have made billions. By comparison Johnson & Johnson and AZ are pricing theirs at cost, $10 and $4. Plus these latter two use well-known Adenovirus for delivery, not the new mRNA. I am looking to get J&J or AZ when available.

@supernova @nikolal that's good! I'm going to maybe get them to eventually.

Not in any rush 💫😊

@nikolal Ја сам прележао Ковид пре два месеца. Вакцинисао се пре пар дана. Желим теби и твом оцу брз опоравак.

Zajebana stvar, obojica smo imali pneumoniju na oba plucna krila, s obzirom da je kod mene malo gore stanje sto se pluca tice ali bolje sto se tice svega ostalog. Neki ljudi igraju kolo na trgu, ne znaju sa cime se igraju

@nikolal Oh I missed this message, glad you made it out, hope your father is OK too.

@nikolal When grocery shopping today the pharmacy announced they had leftover J&J to use up and were taking those without appointments, so I got one.

@supernova Nice, I think we don't have J&J here in Serbia, but we got all others.

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