If you are under impression of tv show "The Queens Gambit" and want to try yourself at chess I've found FOSS chess website with no ads and minimal javascript:

You don't even need registration to play, and you can play with friends without registering

@nikolal I have this just still haven't watched it. Is it good?

@nikolal watching it now, seems really good so far! Just watched first ep

@ThreeBadgersInATrenchcoat @nikolal just watched the 1st ep tonight! Great so far! To bad is only one season long 😕

@Wetrix It gets better as it goes along! Yeah I mean I hate that its only seven episodes, but at the same time at least they wrap it up nicely. I hate it when shows leave on a cliffhanger thinking they'll get renewed, and are then cancelled leaving a poor ending to the whole thing and just feeling like wasted time in my opinion.

@nikolal I've use lichess and quite often but didn't know lichess is FOSS. Thx!

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