I've just deleted whatsapp, told a couple of my friends that aren't already using signal where to find me if they need me. Leaving whatsapp still isn't trending in my country but I hope that will change soon.

@nikolal congrats on deleting it🙌 Hopefully your friends follow you to signal!

Most of them are even before this whatsapp change, my argument was that facebook messenger for our drinking group is slow and I called everybody to join and they just followed. I've convinced many people to use signal but none to switch to some linux distro, I'm getting close on convincing one of my friends.

@nikolal I have the same problem here, nobody with signal, someone have telegram.. 😐

Many people are switching all over the world, I'm sure that trend will come eventually

@nikolal I hope enough people leave that it actually hurts Shitbook 🤞🏻🙂

@nikolal Yeah well apparently Signal can't handle the load 😉
@benk @nikolal has Signal been having performance/reliability issues recently?
@feld @nikolal Not lately but apparently I'm experiencing it right now. It seems like the problem started just minutes ago
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