This Whatsapp change of terms is making some of my friends replacing it with Telegram or Signal, either way for lesser evil imo. We have yet to see how this move pays out for Whatsapp and Facebook but I hope more agressive marketing and creepy accurate ads will make people wonder why are they so accurate and search for less invasive alternatives.

@nikolal I'm not really sure that would happen. Facebook servers accurate ads on their website. Also Instagram, YouTube, Google and any other website that uses those little ad boxes. People still use those services even tho they're really creepy when it comes to ads. If we're talking about technical people, sure, some of my friends are moving to DDG and federated social networks and services.

You don't think that there are some links between Facebook services (Facebook, Instagram and now Whatsapp) which make better analytics of user overall? I think if you visit t-shirt page on Facebook that t-shirt shop ads will appear on Instagram and vice versa. I don't think Facebook accurates ads only on its website, data is shared between Facebook services and Whatsapp will help now more with it. Anyway I hope that ads will reach high level of creepines for people to switch.

@nikolal I'm not saying that the services aren't connected. I'm saying that people don't seem to get creeped out by those ads. I do hope that people realize what is happening and how that is affecting them but I can't see people realizing and I can't see why it would happen once ads start on WhatsApp.

@nikolal some of my contacts have also moved to signal. Though I fear people will eventually forget.

They will for sure, unless there are some incidents about it

@nikolal there isnt really much evidence that telegram can be trusted. Matrix and Signal would be better choices

@nikolal I'm glad your friends are leaving it seeing as it's run by Shitbook and the Zuckertit 🧐

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