Is anyone successfully running Shadow of the tomb raider: definitive edition or Hitman on Linux kernel 5.9 and 455xx nvidia driver?

@nikolal have you checked protondb? I played the game on dual booted windows.

I did, doesn't work. Interesting that I have same distro and drivers on my laptop and it works there smoothy. Difference between laptop and desktop is in CPU and GPU where desktop has amd/1050ti and laptop has i5/1660ti. I will reinstall system on my desktop and try again, I planned to do so anyway. Will keep you updated

@nikolal can't say I am but I will be trying to game on Linux when I have to upgrade so I'll be asking these questions myself I'm sure 😁

It works smoothly on my laptop with same kernel and gpu driver. My guess is that game is installed ond wrong locale and have to reinstall it. I planned to reinstall whole system anyway so I will try again

@nikolal @Wetrix i don't recall tomb raider being able to run on Linux but if it's able to, it should give you know problem. I can check for you though, I remember steam giving it out for free but I have AMD hardware so might be different if you are looking to specifically check your gpu.

This is the crash, I fixed locale but problem still persists. Same error happens with Hitman and both games should run with no problem since its Linux native support. I believe game installed on wrong locale, or its just GPU thing since it runs on 1660Ti but it doesn't on 1050Ti. Anyway this evening I will reinstall system and keep you updated if that fixed the problem. Thank you anyway for your thoughts

@lnx @Wetrix Game runs fine on freshly installed Manjaro. It really was faulty locale setting, so you know.

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