Anyone been playing with GPU passtrough from Arch linux host to Windows guest on QEMU/KVM? There is documentation and tutorials online but I can't manage to get it working, any tips appreciated. I got nvidia 1660Ti as only graphic for passtrough

@nikolal I'm not sure myself, that said doesn't the Arch Wiki have a crazy in depth page about GPU passthrough?

It does, but currently I'm stuck when rebooting into modified mkinitcpio and grub, graphic card still loads as nvidia instead of vfio. I'll dig more around anyway

@nikolal So you have a manjaro icon but are actually on arch? Mind blown!

Its same principle, Manjaro is Arch derivative. Not sure if you are being sarcastic though :)

@nikolal A little. The arch community would give you hell for equaling the two :arch:

I don't think I deserved it, I come in peace and so far loving using Manjaro which is after all Arch derivative

@nikolal Hey, I don't judge. Feel free to use whatever you want to. One of my machines is on manjaro as well. I just wanted to point out what you may run into if you seek help with arch whereas you actually run manjaro.

For this particular thing I ask setup is very similar among distros since it includes grub and initramfs tweaks, but I get your point and you are right

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