I don't think many people know about this but you can anonymize your DNS requests if you own some linux server with shell access. Steps to take:
1) Install Wireguard on your server
2) Install dnscrypt-proxy
3) Configure dnscrypt-proxy to use anonymized DNS in .toml file
4) Profit

You can also install PiHole for adblocking and configure it to use dnscrypt-proxy. You can connect then with Wireguard and have VPN+anon DNS+ adblocker.

Links in next toot.

dnscrypt-proxy (if you dont want anonymized DNS you can use servers with DoH support, like NextDNS):
Anonymized DNS (explanation, how to is in dnscrypt-proxy link):
PiHole adblocker:

All of this software is FOSS, and free as in freedom.

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