There is way to help Tor users connect to Tor network if they are in country that restricts it, you can install this extension by Tor project to help them do it. Don't worry, you are not exit node with this extension.

@nikolal If I understand correctly, this extension uses WebRTC. So, if I disabled it, as recommended by, does it still work?

Yes it works, and its recommended extension by You can check if you are leaking your IP address by WebRTC on this site:

@nikolal Alright, thank you for the info. Extension installed. :)

@alexa @nikolal Yup, I noticed that option too. uBO is awesome. But all I was asking is if Snowflake can still work, even if WebRTC is blocked.
BTW, just a reminder, pictures aren't all that useful for us weirdos who are blind. I knew the context in this case, but in general, don't forget to add descriptions! :)

@Mayana @nikolal Oh yeah, sorry about that. (I can't figure out how to use photo descriptions in Pleroma)

The image contents was a screenshot of the uBlock Origin settings section with the option to "prevent WebRTC from leaving local IPs" highlighted.

@Mayana @nikolal More like the only think that Mastodon does better, I much prefer Pleroma (but no judgement)

@alexa @nikolal Well, ok. I guess I'll allow you to have a different opinion this time (even if it is wrong). :P Granted, I haven't played around with Pleroma nearly enough to make much of a judgement. I'm quite happy here, better layout. As long as we can talk with each other anyway, all's good.

@Mayana @nikolal Pleroma allows you to use a Mastodon frontend (and with that you can add image descriptions), but I prefer using the Pleroma one.

The main reason I like Pleroma is that it shows replies in timelines (otherwise, we wouldn't be having this discussion in the first place, as I wouldn't've seen your post).

@alexa @nikolal You would've though. They show up in notifications, as well as in home if you follow me.
But basically, you're saying you could use a Mastodon layout on a Pleroma server? That's interesting. I'll have to experiment with a few more of these social networks sometime.

@Mayana @nikolal No, I wouldn't've seen your original post ( ) if I was using Mastodon, as it's a reply to someone I don't follow (even though I follow you).
Yeah, Pleroma supports the Mastodon frontend and all Mastodon apps, it's pretty cool.

@alexa @nikolal Ah, I see. Speaking of that, how about you follow Nikola, just to be extra sure? :)
BTW, Nikola, just noticed we've taken the conversation a bit off topic, but are still tagging you. Sorry.

@Mayana @nikolal Followed, seems interesting.

(you've never been in a hellthread, have you?)

@alexa Nope. I generally try to avoid the messages that are most likely to start them, it seems. Let's hope it stays that way. :) Although muting a thread is fortunately pretty easy.

@nikolal @alexa That's smart, you probably get much more notifications than I do. I really like the notification sound, but I imagine at some point it'd start to annoy me too. I can't imagine how Gargron would survive without a muting option.

@Mayana @nikolal Well, ignoring all notifications other than mentions is a start.
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