Anyone here deleted facebook account before? Do you get some confirmation e-mail that your account was deleted? Can't remember if my 30 day grace period passed, just want to be sure.

@nikolal when I did it, which was over a year ago, I think the period was two weeks and if you tried logging in again in the period, it would undo it. So first I removed the Facebook app from all devices and cleared cookies everywhere. Then I logged in once, changed my password, disabled the account, logged out, cleared cookies again, and set a reminder for sometime after the period to try logging in to ensure it was deleted. Not sure if they have made it even harder now.

They made it even harder. I'm gonna wait a couple of days so I will try to login then. I

@nikolal Good luck! I hate them. And I don’t use that word lightly. FB is like the opposite of freedom. And when you finally take the steps to get away from the abusive relationship, you find the doors have been locked from the outside. And hearing from someone who has also taken the steps to get out is like hearing from someone who has fled from Scientology.

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