Huawei: Linux-based Sailfish OS as Android replacement?

Aurora OS indeed is a Sailfish OS fork. It is based on open-source Sailfish OS mobile Linux operating system, made by Finnish company Jolla.

Known for privacy and security SFOS could prove beneficial for Huawei which can utilize the very trait for its smartphones.

Sailfish OS is also known to be compatible with Android apps as well.

#SailfishOS #Sailfish #Huawei #Android #Jolla #AuroraOS #Linux #mobileLinux

"Normal" state of being is suffering, that's why Instagram is so bad, everyone looks so damn happy.

Wireguard on mobile data seems much more power consuming?

I'm new to podcasts, and all this time I thought that Joe Rogan and Alex Jones are the same guy

How would you hide some text files in plain site securely? Is pgp encryption still good?

Cyberpunk 2077 with Keanu Reeves? Wow, how cool is that

Did you know you can play chess on the Fediverse? 🐴 👑 lets you challenge people or put yourself forward to be challenged:

Moves happen by toots using chess notation, there are further instructions on the site.

It works with Mastodon and other ActivityPub-powered platforms.

#Chess #Échecs #Schach #Scacchi #Ajedrez

Hello #fediverse!

I am person behind FreeTube, the private YouTube client for Windows, Mac, and Linux.

I enjoy talking about technology and privacy so my toots will mostly be about those, but there will be a good amount of toots about FreeTube as well.

I'm also looking for more people to follow! Let me know if you have any suggestions.

Check out FreeTube here:

After 5 years of great service my Nexus 5 finally broke. F

Any good psychedelic/stoner low to mid tempo album you can recommend?

Anyone using Ubuntu touch OS from ubports for your mobile phone? What is your experience with it?

Also, Google will disable Gmail for Huawei users, you can setup Gmail to redirect your e-mail to other e-mail address, you can find free (and paid) privacy respecting e-mail providers here:
If you don't want to abbandon your Gmail you can use K-9 mail available from F-Droid repository as client for managing your Gmail if you setup your Gmail to use IMAP. Link to app: K-9 Mail (Full-featured email client) -

With Trump banning Huawei to use Google services and apps these are some useful tricks to keep your device up to date with latest apps, and app alternatives. Install F-Droid, foss app repository. With F-Droid you can install these apps:
Yalp store or Aurora store - used to download and update apps from Play Store
Newpipe - Youtube player, play videos even with screen off, import subscriptions etc.
OsmAnd+ - Google maps alternative
F-Droid link:

Since is getting infested with fake torrents with malware and if you are having problems with activating Windows/Office this should help you solve it.

Find of the day: gopenpgp, an easy-to-use OpenPGP wrapper library written in #golang

Trying to setup my neofetch in Ubuntu 18.04 to display image with w3m. Made changes to neofetch config file, but w3m won't even show google image when I run w3m, also changed w3m options not do display image in external viewer. Am I missing something cardinal? Terminal is gnome-terminal.

OnionShare 2.1 is released! This version is translated into 23 languages, and allows you to schedule the server starting at some point in the future so you can use it as a "dead man's switch". Check it out

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