Old Youtube layout should be loaded, much faster. This is what it looks like with Stylus addon for dark theme:

If you are using Firefox and YouTube seems slow to load you can speed it up (up to 5x) with this tweak in about:config.
-Open new tab and enter about:config (accept if prompted for warranty risk)
-Right click on any preference and go New>String
>As preference name copy/paste:
As preference value copy/paste:
Mozilla/5.0 (Windows NT 6.1; WOW64; rv:41.0) Gecko/20100101 Firefox/41.0
For darkmode you can install Stylus addon and pick theme you like.

What annoys me most is that engineering software companies are not interested enough in making compatible software with Linux. My brother as electrical, some of my friends as mechanical and me as civil engineer are stuck with Windows for any kind of work, and people call Windows alive only because of gameing. Why is that the case I have no idea, maybe user base is not large enough for them to make money. And I'm willing to pay for some work software that is compatible with Linux.

How is your experience with raspberry pi 3 running pihole and its memory usage? I've added some more blacklist so I'm around 750k blocked domains and memory usage is around 20%. Is it normal or too high?

Reminder that you can use your keybase.io public folder to host static website. Example:

Cloudflare's spam aside, what do you guys think of its DNS resolver and

Someone also having problems with f-droid? Can't get updates for 5 days.

Anyone here deleted facebook account before? Do you get some confirmation e-mail that your account was deleted? Can't remember if my 30 day grace period passed, just want to be sure.

There is open source Twitch streaming app available on F-Droid called Twire, looks very neat.
Source code: github.com/Perflyst/Twire

Having strange squeaking sound in hardware when playing cs:go in ubuntu, dunno if its graphics or cooler or something else. When game stops sound also stops, wtf

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Hello, this is my first toot on this instance and I'm looking forward to content and socializing with other people with similar interests. This is my other account: @johnathan012
Nice to be here!

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