And before anyone bemoans the whole Cloudflare thing:

"But this doesn’t mean you have to use Cloudflare. Users can configure Firefox to use whichever DoH-supporting recursive resolver they want. As more offerings crop up, we plan to make it easy to discover and switch to them."

#psa You should probably stop using as a search engine.

#Startpage appears to have sold out to a company called "System1" who are a "pay-per-click behavioral ad company"

Please boost for exposure.

Internet friends, I made a thing!

It is a tool that watches YT channels and mirrors videos to PeerTube as they are released. I am personally very proud of it and I would love feedback. This is a tool that has been much needed and there are several open issues on the PeerTube Github asking about this functionality. It would probably be messy to implement that in the PeerTube server so I made a bot to do it for you.

I will be adding to it, but it works fine right now!

You can take clicks away from twitter when posting links from twitter here, just replace part of link with, lets not feed the beast if we don't have to.

So startpage is now owned by an advertising company.

Being a former startpage user I'm now considering changing to jivesearch (its on PTio) however I currently can't connect, tell me if you have the same issues.

Anyway I will try to keep you posted on this (sorry I'm 2 days late).

In addition to sharing and receiving files without a third party, the newest OnionShare lets you publish static websites as onion services 🙌

Your IP address and identity will be protected, and your site will be censorship resistant. #onionizetheweb

#Servicetoot - #Google has unfortunately blocked many #Invidious instances so that they don't work anymore.I hope they will work again soon.In the meantime please use other instances which still work and do *not* access #Youtube directly because that would show Google that their plan works.I clicked through the instance list on #Github and here are the instances which still work:
- qklhadlycap4cnod.onion
- fz253lmuao3strwbfbmx46yu7acac2
#FuckOffGoogle #Privacy #FuckYoutube

Anonymized DNSCrypt, a protocol that prevents servers from learning anything about client IP addresses.

Hey Reddit fans! The team will be doing an AMA on r/Privacy from Oct 25 to Oct 27! Prepare your questions and find our answers and more in two weeks 😁

block recommendation 

Good way of converting YouTube playlists to audio podcasts, rss preferably??

PeerTube Index: search engine for videos across PeerTube instances.

Ofcourse Activision-Blizzard banned pro Hong-Kong player on tournament since whatever they do they do to please Chinese market (remember Diablo immortal?), but why ban casters too? What did they do to deserve that? New south park episode really speaks for all this.

Adobe is deactiving all accounts in #venezuela and don't offer any refund !

That's why I'm happy to have #opensource software like Gimp, Inkscape, libreoffice, etc...

At least , there will never be a thing like this !

#adobe #gimp #inkscape #libreoffice

Sucks that anaconda isn't available for 32 bit architectures (such is raspberry pi), luckily I need few packages from it and they are available through pip3

To ask is a temporary shame, not to ask a life-long shame -- Japanese proverb

Installing Windows 10 for my dad for work, any efficient bloat removal tool?

Reason to use VPN or seedbox while torrenting, with this tool you can see your bittorent download history or it can be used to spy other peoples bittorent activity. This tool automatically shows bittorent activity comming from IP you are using, I'm using VPN so link in this thumbnail shows downloads from VPNs public IP address:

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