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The war between Azerbaijan and Armenia is deeply saddening, but in the end, what else is there to be done to make Armenia follow UN resolutions? Here is a video to help understand what is happening.

Discord has the personality of an open-source messenger but they never agree to go open-source

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Tomorrow is #DeleteWhatsAppDay! 🚮 Despite WhatsApp’s delay of its privacy policy update, many users have decided to take a stand for #privacy and leave the controversial chat service on the original deadline of February 8. ✊

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When preparing a security education training, it's crucial to know your audience. That's why we emphasize working closely with members of the community that you'll be teaching to strike a balance between too little and too much generalization.

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I like the term "Fediverse", because it's a portmanteau of "federation", "universe" and "diverse", and I think that describes it quite accurately ☺️

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If your Arch can't boot because of apparently missing efi bootloader when you switch SSD/HDD just pass --removable when reinstalling grub with grub-install. I think this also might be true with Manjaro, but you can do the same.

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Threat modeling is the cornerstone for teaching all other digital security concepts. Help learners use the question-based methodology for assessing risks and get them ready to understand what they face as well as to create a plan of action.

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“…the mutability of the past”

“It was therefore necessary to rewrite a portion of Big Brother’s speech, in such a way as to predict the thing that had actually happened.”

“But actually, he thought as he re-adjusted the Ministry of Plenty’s figures, it was not even forgery. It was merely the substitution of one piece of nonsense for another.”

“…when once the act of forgery was forgotten, he would exist just as authentically, and upon the same evidence, as Charlemagne or Julius Caesar.”

Some phrases in 1984 are downright scary.

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It is amusing how the Robinhood guys must have seen all those news articles about how SEC should investigate /r/wallstreetbets for market manipulation, then went and committed some actual market manipulation for SEC to investigate

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The unreasonable effectiveness of simple HTML

I've told this story at conferences - but due to the general situation I thought I'd retell it here.

A few years ago I was doing policy research in a housing benefits office in London. They are singularly unlovely places. The walls are brightened up with posters offering helpful services for people fleeing domestic violen

#/etc/ #html5 #web #weeknotes #work

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As the copyright lobby calls for more technological measures to restrict the use of copyrighted works, YouTube’s Content ID provides a sobering study in the dangers of such systems.

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@angdraug @nar @isolategab you can follow this list of bad actor instances and if you happen to stumble over such an instance yourself you can report it there:


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Guess what?! We've just surpassed a quarter of a million images in our Flickr! That's more than 250,000 nature images—free to download and reuse. Explore the collection today

#Science #OpenScience #OpenAccess #OpenData #OpenSource #PublicData

I just looked at Gab's frontpage posts.

Please pass the eyebleach.

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Now that #Gab is fully defederated from ActivityPub and the Fediverse..and that this fight seems thoroughly won..I have.been thinking about the purpose of this account.

What do folks think? My first idea here is that the work is fully over, but in some ways can serve as a model for community organizing for when NAZI's or similarly bad come knocking on the Fediverse's door again. They are never gone for good.

So good to keep the account alive to document the pushback we helped, to denote best practices. To advocate that free speech and freedom of association can co-exist quite well.

And that distributed moderation of individual instances with clear Federation policies worked FAR better than any of the mainstream centralized goliath's handling of hate, abuse, threats of violence has done.

What do folks think?

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The US plans to:

- reenter the Paris climate accord

- halt border wall construction

- reverse the travel ban on predominantly Muslim countries

- re-engage with World Health Organization, will join global vaccine effort

What a difference a day makes.

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