I haven't the ability to be genuinely outgoing, nor the genius to be acceptably daft.

I'm considering starting a site that looks at privacy policies from commonly used services and does an overall rating and in-depth description of their practices. Any interests? If not, please explain why.

Well ... I suppose I’m back on game dev. Godot is a bit of a blast to be had.

I just finished reading my 300th privacy policy.

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Great idea for use of blockchain is publicly signed and verified diplomas from university, where ministry of education and faculty would sign your diploma ID and post it on blockchain. Large QR code for verification would look really awesome on office wall.

With very little probable exception, the most meaningful progress that can be made is neurological. Stop worrying about your social media following and start some fucking introspection.

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Maybe memes are logic viruses and higher viral loads lead to degraded logical performance

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@KevinTerribly In your bio ... 𝘸𝘩𝘰 makes songs. Please fix.

I’d like to see Donald Trump join Mastodon. Honestly, I think he’d fit right in.

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TIL whereas iPhone marketing images display 9:41 in the status bar because that was the time the iPhone was revealed to the world on the 2007 keynote, the Apple Watch displays 10:09 because that's how the hands look best in analog faces according to the designers 🙃

Sometimes I get the feeling that humans are more concerned with having than being.

The history of physics can, in many ways, be seen as a series of unifications. Maxwell merged electricity, magnetism, and light into a theory of electromagnetism. Einstein unified space and time in a special relativity, and quantum mechanics brought together waves and particles. Dirac then welded together special relativity and quantum mechanics and, in turn, these were combined with QED. This story of successive unifications continues up to the present day.

@Tanuki Probably because Teslas are a modern technology and car radio is a proper antiquity.

Feynman diagrams can capture one or more interaction: one axis represents space and another represents time, and lines representing particles move through both space and time diagonally across the diagram. Interestingly, Feynman diagrams show particles of antimatter moving along the time axis in the opposite direction to particles of matter. This can be interpreted as saying that an antiparticle is the equivalent of a particle of normal matter that is going backward in time.

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Why you pursue something is equally as important as what you pursue.

A “buttload” is an actual unit of measurement, equivalent to 384 gallons.

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Andy Ngo of Quillette got milkshake’d in Portland today and nothing will make my day any better than that news.

Unless someone gets him again.

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