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@ThreeBadgersInATrenchcoat I have dabbled, but 2020 quarantine gave me lots of motivation to try things. :) Then my sweetie bought me a KitchenAid mixer! It doesn't have to be complicated. King Arthur Flour has great recipes.

@TheDoctor @Wetrix have you listened to the Hardcore History podcasts? The ones on WWII are fantastic. I also enjoyed the ancient history ones too about Caesar, evolution of warfare tech, etc.

@Wetrix Don't forget the aliens and wars and space lazers and lizard people!

@Wetrix Sounds to me like political affairs have caught up with your imagination! :)

Cervical cancer could be the first #cancer EVER in the world 🌎🌍🌏 to be eliminated, if:
9⃣0⃣% of girls are vaccinated
7⃣0⃣% of women are screened
9⃣0⃣% of women with cervical disease receive treatment



[:tw: tweets.newsbots.eu/WHO/status/#bot]

@ThreeBadgersInATrenchcoat The site is ~OK, it is nagware so you can take a free lesson in exchange for advert pop-ups. I'm thinking about subscribing... perhaps advertisement works after all?

Time for your Monday morning cup of rocket fuel. Gel pen on metallic card.

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