hatespeech-friendly clients, blocking, x0r.be 

Exactly why I removed the custom user agent since a while 🙄

Curious to know about all other apps that don't block (on Android, only one app does that). I can't still understand why my work is so much targeted.


Its because people want to pressure you into joining their ideological cause because their cause doesn't inspire real support otherwise. If they were so kind and noble they wouldn't have to resort to shit like this, people would flock to them for moral guidance on their own. You build a valuable tool and that means they need to capture you or they can't push people around as easily. Don't be bullied into anything.

Exactly. You'll find that the end users that are straight up harassing others are the ones with the least leverage. They have no accomplishments, nothing that they can "take away" or otherwise use as a handle to control others.

So they have to bully and harass the people that *did* put in the work and *do* have something to take away, in order to further an otherwise uncompelling political goal.
@fedilab @szbalint

@mister_monster @fedilab @szbalint
It was never, ever about safety.

It was always about control. It was always about dominance.

@mister_monster @fedilab @szbalint
You'll know pretty much everything you need to know about those behind this arguably-illegal harassment campaign,

When you realize that almost all of them have been sanctioned on Twitter for the exact same behavior.

They couldn't follow the rules, so they went to a place where they made the rules. But nobody would come to their place and be bound to the rules, so they attempt to gain leverage by threatening to "take away" the only thing they can: Themselves.

@mister_monster @fedilab
Good thing to see that there are people with actual morals, and an understanding of deeper issues.

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