Wow. 32% of people don't know what it is. I need to give more information.
If you have several accounts (Pleroma or Mastodon), you just need to long press some buttons (boost, fav, follow, reply, compose, etc.) to finish an action without switching to another account.
In background, posts & accounts are automatically federated (if they don't exist) and the action is fulfilled.
In other words, that avoids to switch, search for the post/acct, make the action and go back.

I've been curating a list of independent code forges that might be interested in becoming part of a federated code forge network using #ForgeFed or #SourceHut:

If anyone knows of any (public-facing) instances missing from the list, please let me know, or if you have an account on the #P2PF wiki, just add them.

PeerTube Index: search engine for videos across PeerTube instances.

China: A Century Of Revolution (1997) - Part one of an incredible 6 hour documentary covering the CCP and the Republic of China, Taiwan, and everything in between. A fantastic starting point for anyone looking to learn more. is down. Cloudflare says invalid SSL cert, does anyone know who to contact or how long until it comes back up?

If you’re not crying, then it wasn’t spicy.

-Dielan 3:16

When your to lazy to sit up and surf the net on your computer right in front of you so you just do it on your phone.

Yup that's me atm 😅

@lain I really like the minimalistic style of your blog and I was wondering what tools you used to build it and what tools you use to update it. I am assuming that you don't just write every blog post with the HTML and CSS in a text editor. What do you use?

Does anyone know how to turn off the feature where toots have the app you used to toot them in it? To me it is like a user agent string and I don't particularly like leaking metadata that is really nobody's business. When I toot all I want being shared is what I said.

Moe: Has anybody just tried talking to them to find out what they really think?
Larry: Don't be silly, you can't *talk* to them, they'll use their sneaky mind control to recruit you into one of them.
Moe: What if they're mostly just regular human beings with hopes and fears. What if their "leaders" are telling them the same things about us?
Larry: Good god man, you're getting sucked in, I can't lose you after all we've been through. Here, watch this video...

Today tasklist for the independence week

1. download black lagoon
2. download dream theater albums
3. Listening Pallbearer

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