You know what's funny? Academics are ready to dismiss every new idea as wacky and insane while simultaneously spending their whole lives hoping and working to prove that some wacky insane idea is true.

Does anybody know where I can find a spec for the protocol? Searching, I can find plenty of info on how to update but I can't find a document outlining the protocol that is up to date.

Ridiculously simple idea:
Bootloader shows a colorful background which is derived from the hash of the kernel you're booting. If you get evil-maided, they would have to install a new custom firmware which fakes the same colors, and there are a number of ways to make this really difficult to reproduce...

My first attempt at a landscape style drawing on my iPhone 5 with my finger lol 😂

art doodle

Snopyta: informal collective and libre hoster of open-source web apps. Servers based in Finland and Germany.

Just a general warning to anyone who uses #paypal -- never keep a balance in your account. They terminated the account I was using for @TShirtsBot and also for consulting work. They froze the money in my account for 3 months and refused to give me any reason why even after talking to someone on the phone. :yikes: #fuckpaypal

Why should we that own our computers, have to spend so much time and money protecting our computers and privacy from corporations and government peeps and pervs? Peeps and pervs - that's what they are.

Who gave those thugs the permission to declare that they have the right to deny Internet access unless we strip for them?

Sorry - I'm just really in anti-stalker rant mode today. Seems one can't go anywhere without some peep/perv brushing up against me!

Tech Support: A Limerick

You have a few problems computing,
And call them for help troubleshooting.
"I'm sorry" they say,
As you start to pray,
"But have you attempted rebooting?"

i turned off all the auto corrext spelling deatures on my phone becausw im a big boi i can do it myself.

unhosted web apps: a website dedicated to the development of server-less, static web apps. Below is a list of examples, including TiddlyWiki and Laverna.

The Amazon story just gets worse and worse.

Now it turns out they're colluding with police forces to promote these devices so we pay to get spied on

TIL: if you use “share my location with this site” in Firefox, your location is shared with that site and Google:

If they do it I will probably stop thinking about them completely. It would be kinda nice imo. The admins willing to use a whitelist mode were never ready to embrace decentralization in the first place
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