For my friends on here that are unaware, I mostly use an alt account @mistermonster and don't really use this mastodon account all that often.

i love this perspective.

For those of you who are up to date on the bleeding edge technology of the 21st century, gemini://
okay frens
mistermonster is having a presidential debate circlejerk matrix party!

only rule is dont take yourself too seriously

Non-trademarked fully unlocked fork of Mattermost® 

Why ?
1. Unless you buy an "enterprise license" even simple features like channel ownership are disabled (anyone can delete any channel)
2. Licenses are sold per-head so it's unusable for a public server
3. While the code is OSS, their trademark policy doesn't allow anyone to use their name in a fork
4. Unlike projects like Chromium, their trademark is all over their codebase
Tried to reach out, got no response.

I'd like to stand, and I'd like to breathe;

And I'd like to look everybody watching me in the eye, and let them know that I will continue breathing.

That is what it means to be free.

We did it, Reddit! The new Pleroma release 2.1 is out, containing the first ever ActivityPub chat application!

Check out the release blog post at

Lots of changes in this one, I'm sure you'll like it!
Alright everyone, the release candidate of Pleroma 2.1 is ready for public testing.

If you want to try it and are willing to report bugs, this is the relevant issue:

The branch is pleroma-2.1-rc0

You can use this branch from both the current stable and develop branch. If you want to switch from develop to stable during this release cycle, switch to this branch!

Looking at the local timeline vs the federated timeline is like venturing outside the city walls. Inside its a bunch of people you've seen around, maybe you know some of them. Outside it's all foreigners and vagrants and degenerates, bots and monsters and its a literal desert out there.

Side note, I wish allowed you to browse a specific instance of your choice.

So there are some interesting things that and can't do. For example, Pleroma shows replies to threads you are not in (and you cannot turn this off outside the Pleroma web UI) and Mastodon cannot mute conversations like Pleroma can.

I've found this which has some interesting features, most importantly, local only (unfederated) posting, which is great for communities. I think I will run a server eventually.

Youtube is about to remove community contributions like closed captions/subtitles:

"Community contributions will be discontinued across all channels after 28 September 2020."

arrgh mateys! It appears tons of source code has been leaked from many prominent companies due to insecure dev tools:

if you'd like this occurrence to not be wasted effort, clone this repo before it gets DMCA'd off the interwebs:

I'm trying to use my desktop more when I am home. I find myself using my phone for everything social and comm related, which is most of what we do online, and so I find myself not doing the cool things i want to be doing.

ReverseEagle Developers: Similar to, a website suggesting privacy-friendly and ethical FOSS tools and software for developers.

if you wanna make memes on mobile I highly recommend pocket paint, its FOSS and has the basic image editing tools

@Gargron it's time to tell instance administrators that blocking other instances prejudicially does more harm to the fediverse, than good to the users.

We need to encourage users to actively use self moderation tools such as blocking and filtering, and teach administrators that domain blocking should be a last resort action — e.g. when one instance actively attacks yours, not when one users from that other instance says something that single user on your instance may be offended of.

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