There was a time in my life where things had happened. And I experienced them, and they were amazing. And then they were over. And that is a fact.

"For soon, the quivering mass of life within me will depend upon us both! Even now, I can sense it, feeding, squirming, searching, questing! And shortly, it will rend my loins in twain, burst forth, and pull us down! Down, down, into the deep dark waters of commitment!"

- Kif

Hello, I know it's been a while since I've posted. I hope you guys are all doing okay.

Tonight, on this special prime time edition of "trash cart chronicles" it appears someone has stolen all the aluminum cans! Who would do such a thing! It is day 5 and nobody that works at this location cares enough to clean this! Will the trash cart survive into day 6? Stay tuned to find out!

Updated my Linux Mint desktop installation and it fell to pieces. Fuck Debian. Fuck Ubuntu. Fuck Mint.

Fuck it. Wiped the thing. Installed Manjaro. That feeling you get when you first move from Windows to Linux? That's thee feeling you get when you switch from a "user friendly" desktop distro to an Arch based distro. The shit is fucking magical. Arch FTW.

Today on "trash cart chronicles" the trash cart is still there 3 days later, this time with more trashβ„’! Let's see how long this can go on. Tune in next time for more "trash cart chronicles!"

@LemmyDev hey man I just saw the news of the funding grant! Congrats! I would get in the matrix room but I set that account down for a while. That's some exciting news, I can't wait to see the progress! I just remember finding your first reddit post way back when nobody was interested and it was your hobby project and to see it become one of the most anticipated projects on the fediverse is very inspiring.

Welcome to my new show called "the trash cart chronicles" where we update you daily on the state of the trash cart for as long as it sits in this parking lot! On this episode we explore the origins of the cart, where me and some coworkers drank beer in the parking lot of our job and left it there because nobody gives a fuck. This is the state of it the next day:

You know how old hip hop is now? That's how old rock music was when Kurt Cobain killed himself.

I'd like to introduce a new #foss project: Open PGP Signature Verification or OPSV.

This eliminates the need to rely on #keybase verify function and, therefore, keybase at all.

Code on @codeberg:
Public stats by #plausible:

Time to #DeleteKeybase once and for all

#opsv #pgp

Your thoughts on the choice to change "master" to "main" or "default" in github...

First they came for the master/slave terminology but I did not speak up because I was not a maintainer

Then they came for the master git branches and I did not speak up because I was not a developer

Then they came for the Masters Degrees but I did not speak up because I am not rich

Then they came for the Kung-Fu masters but I did not speak up because I dont know Kung-Fu

Then they came for the Robotech Masters but nobody spoke for me because the weebs think my childhood is invalid because Robotech isn't a real anime seriously wtf guys

@jonah that issue with media on the server I brought to your attention a few weeks ago is occurring again.

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