"This was a mistake. We had imagined that the textual representation would be used for remote comparisons and the QR code for local (in person) comparisons, but some users found it easier to send a screenshot of both formats via a public forum like Twitter, unknowingly publishing the phone numbers embedded in the QR code."

So, Signal apologists, remind me how forcing users to associate their phone number with their #Signal account isn't a privacy risk?

@schestowitz quite relevant to anyone who has friends or family in that country. I'm still trying to get to the point where I can have an Android emulator just running WeChat and wipe it from my Island compartment on my phone

@kravietz it's a mess there. From relatives who live there I hear hospitals basically offer you both options -- "western" modern medicine or TCM.

I don't know when this changed, but is finally allowing again, after regressing to only allowing for a while. Good news on the front!

"Recently, [Google's] security team informed employees using Zoom Desktop Client that it will no longer run on corporate computers as it does not meet [their] security standards for apps used by [their] employees."


"Earlier this month … SpaceX also banned employees from Zoom, citing 'significant privacy and security concerns.' And on Monday, New York City's Department of Education urged schools to abandon Zoom and switch to a service from Microsoft."


isolating zoom on linux (easy) 

@michel_slm anyone has a recommendation for a privacy preserving weather app, now that DarkSky will be am iOS exclusive?

At what point should we consider #Apple a #monopoly and stop them buying apps and killing off its #Android version?


Letsencrypt is going to revoke 3,048,289 certificates tomorrow that "may" have been wrongfully issued due to a wrong CAA DNS check.

To check if you're affected, and need to re-issue certs (before tomorrow!), check here:


A couple of days ago a friend of mine visited a mobile service shop, to fix an issue on her phone. The store employee, after looking into the device, asked her: Signal? This uses e2e communication... Why? Are you a journalist?

So, instead of basic human right, privacy is now considered a "special case" ?

#signal #privacy #rights

Google Fi's terms are insane. You have to agree to let them pass all your data over a vpn to Google's network.

All. Your. Data.

They say it's to "enhance your privacy and security."

There is no privacy or security when sending all your data to the worlds biggest privacy violator.

"I used object-oriented programming languages but only called static methods because abstraction is oppression and only The Man uses virtual function tables." -- mickens.seas.harvard.edu/wisdo I plan to chortle for the next hour or so while watching his talk invidio.us/watch?v=4vd2rCBjHp8

Mickens never disappoints here he trashes :birdsite: blockchain and deep fakes. I do not know when he gets times to do actual research.

@kravietz @signalapp ahh.. the invite links get indexed. OK that's borderline irresponsible, not knowing how to use robots.txt

@kravietz @signalapp oh, Jane Manchun Wong - she has a fan club at work.

Going to read it, thanks, but WA group messages are E2EE, similar to Signal groups. There was a privacy controversy earlier over how when a participant changes keys (new phone or someone hijacked their SIM), WA doesn't inform other participants by default, while Signal does.

@kravietz wait, so the app is E2E but accessing it via web means Google crawls it anyway? Ouch.

Meanwhile @signalapp with much less funding managed to create secure desktop apps for multiple platforms, no problem (and don't require you to only have one active session, or be tethered to your phone)

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