Hello all,

I'm interested in , and concerned about the danger of and in technology and elsewhere.

I've been a user since 1998, and a contributor since 2005. My $dayjob is with though not on any product or ads teams, and I actually get to work with, and contribute to, projects.

See my profile for my other accounts. Looking forward to conversing here!

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@michel_slm Whats it like being a privacy enthosiast in the hole of the lion?

@L1Cafe @blacklight447 it's certainly... interesting. It's not a lonely experience, I'd say a substantial percentage of employees, especially those who use Linux care about privacy.

Your word will mean more to people who wonder what to do about their online privacy, lead them towards the light
@L1Cafe @blacklight447

@michel_slm As I hear, internal security/privacy is pretty good there, just not external.
Hearing that at least supports the assumption.

@michel_slm Welcome! Relative mastodon newbie myself, also that monoculture problem!

You into the self hosting thing? Next on my list is escaping gmail, need to hack my own SMS bridge to really pull it off.

@michel_slm Hi,

Could you give us any more info about what its like to work at Facebook?

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