There is no point if your friends don't use it, try to convince close friends and then spread that circle slowly

@nikolal yes that’s the hard part. All are not worried or conscious about privacy at all.

@marc0janssen @nikolal you should ditch both & . github.com/privacytoolsIO/priv Tell your friends if they really care to stay in touch with you, they would not impose a system that requires you to register a phone#.

I think you need to set up first your threat model. Do you need your chats to be secure while you chat with your friends? Or do you need to have anonymity while chatting? I don't need anonymity but I like my chats to be secure with FOSS project so I'm using Signal which is proven to do that job very well. thehackernews.com/2016/10/sign
As for anonymous chat apps I suggest Briar, but again you have to scan each other QR codes for identity exchange

@nikolal @marc0janssen @resist1984 Briar is excellent, and it no longer required scanning QR codes. From my review:
"7/7/2019- Update: You can now add remote contacts by exchanging Briar URLs. In the contacts list choose the "Add contact at a distance" option and enter the Briar URL of your remote contact which they will need to send you via another channel. This is also where you will see your own Briar URL to send to others."

@supernova @nikolal @resist1984 all are brilliant. But the trouble is getting your contacts to migrate. Otherwise it will be lonely chats with yourself.

@marc0janssen @nikolal @resist1984
Yes the trouble is convincing people to care about privacy. All you can do is mention the latest Facebook/WhatsApp scandal in casual conversation. I think Signal is the best gateway to get people to better options if you already know their phone number.


@supernova @nikolal @resist1984 yes. I know their numbers. But they have to install that app. I hear a lot that they will miss out with their contacts because they don’t switch. It seems it missing a critical mass. Whatsapp was just there at the right time 10 years ago when people looked for alternatives to SMS/text. Facebook had the right amount of money years later.

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