Can I trust accounts? I have avoided it because having my bookmarks in the cloud seems like the opposite of what I try to do, but the convenience is becoming more and more tempting. It is such a pain to manually sync it across my devices, so I often don’t and don’t have a link handy because of that. I looked into setting up my own accounts backend to self host a while ago, but it looked pretty involved and not well supported.

@makuharigaijin you can always self host the syncing part of the equation

@makuharigaijin well I'm self-hosting it, but not publicly.

You can find the project here: and there's a link in there somewhere for instructions.

Keep in mind if you're hosting from home that the internet will need to be able to reach the machine on the designated port

@makuharigaijin Here is a tip, never trust your data on someone elses cloud/server, in other words i'd say no.

If self hosting stuff isn't an easy access thing for you, then simply just get a safe USB/Hard drive to store all your information on. Encrypting that info is always great to.

@glitcher32 I already run my own mail services, Nextcloud, etc., but have not found a project for selfhosting FF syncing that looks active. Do you know of one?

@makuharigaijin Everything is encrypted locally before being sent to the Firefox server, so it should be fine. The convenience is definitely worth it for me.

@AppleStrudelMan My bookmarks are actually boring to the point that publishing them to the world would probably not interest anyone. However, it is the idea of it all. Yes, that encryption is fine today, but some flaw may be discovered later. At that point, my data is already out there and in backups beyond my reach, so I can’t easily scrub it from future script kiddies or state actors who wish to exploit my sensitive lolcat links. So in general, I try to self host when it is an option.

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