Can I trust accounts? I have avoided it because having my bookmarks in the cloud seems like the opposite of what I try to do, but the convenience is becoming more and more tempting. It is such a pain to manually sync it across my devices, so I often donโ€™t and donโ€™t have a link handy because of that. I looked into setting up my own accounts backend to self host a while ago, but it looked pretty involved and not well supported.

We need a replacement for fitbit/strava, etc. I think there is value to social workout sharing, but not at the cost of giving it all away. Ideally, I would want it to be decentralized like mastodon. Anyone know of any projects that have legs that would fit the bill?

Looking for a good privacy-minded replacement for google translate. Specifically for Japanese-English browsing. I've so far never found anything good enough to replace it.

Anyone here deleted facebook account before? Do you get some confirmation e-mail that your account was deleted? Can't remember if my 30 day grace period passed, just want to be sure.

I don't want dns from cloudflare or google, or my ISP. Maybe it is time I figure out running unbound with TLS as a recursive server, even if it costs me in dns latency.

I just switched over from Android to iOS.

I have not used any Google or Facebook apps on this phone as my last device was infested with them.

Any good iOS app you can recommend that you can't live without? I've tried to stay loyal to the list on privacytools and the recommendations there, but always looking to take it a step further. I have , , , , vpn.

Also, besides location, what Settings should be turned off/disabled?

Thank you!

Why arn't smartphone cases with camera covers more of a thing? There must not be a demand, but I sure would like one.

I was too excited about hot chocolate and could not wait, so I burnt my tongue and can't taste it. This seems like a metaphore I could apply to switching hosting technologies. My poor tongue.

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