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Kali Linux Now Available for Raspberry Pi 4

The Raspberry Pi 4 is a sweet little machine with more than enough power to run a Linux distribution on it.

The developers behind Kali Linux agree and have made it so that their distribution is compatible with Raspberry Pi 4 and has "on-board wifi monitor mode & frame injection support".



Damn why are dedicated servers are still so expensive. 2Tb for files and photos, 100Gb for mail 🤔 Maybe it's a good idea to delete all the photos and 🤫

1700 km for 24 hrs by car? Or 1100 + 600 and fkin hotel room for a sleep?

Hmm, want to get pi4 4Gb desktop as a pocket pc 😍

hmm. rooted LOS with addonSU, gapps without any permissions and inet access, but gpay still working 🤔

have to wait 2 weeks to get fkin
to use ZenUI or not to use - that is the question

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