Dance like nobody is watching, encrypt like everyone is.

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The quieter you are, the more you're able to hear.

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An app that prevents device tamper forensic tools from law enforcement by wipping your phone.

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I just realised that implicitly I built a FLOC tester :D

Want to check if your browser implements FLOC? Just go to and if a banner shows up warning you about FLOC, your browser is affected. Amazing!

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Can some point me to a good frdiverse or matrix space that is solely about technology and its subcategories. Im sick of seeing posts about politics or anything that is unrelated to tech.

A new wormable botnet that spreads via GitHub and Pastebin to install cryptocurrency miners and backdoors on target systems has returned with expanded capabilities to compromise web applications, IP cameras, and routers.

Android application meant to capture, analyze, or modify NFC traffic.

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