@win10ltsc You can sort of turn a smart phone into a limited phone with a firewall like afwall to block everything you want from accessing the network(s), can even route traffic to certain network(s)

@Wetrix I dunno about news, but watching the people scramble to find a new market with Dream shutting down has been interesting. It's causing a lot of problems for people dependent on their fix. So many scammers...

@glitcher32 it's usually recommended to avoid since it's Russia and they aren't strong on privacy issues. Russia even wants VPNs to provide logging.

@Wetrix dual boot works best for me. Windows for gaming, Linux for everything else.

I like qwant.com, has browser addon too. I don't think there is a best. I still find bing.com best for image searches. Searx image search is horrific, but otherwise good for web search. I find qwant a good middle ground.

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