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@mmstick Awesome work! About grid snapping, can you now easily move windows to 1/4 of the screen?

I did a thing! 4 reps of 405lb! I'm going to wait until my knee sleeves come in before I go any heavier.

@Gina @FreeTube I've switched over from YouTube to (which FreeTube is based on).

I love it but sometimes you can get some connectivity issues. Hooktube is my back up.

I am pretty happy with my desk setup at work.

Up on the wall
- Vegas Golden Knights Flag
- Horse the band poster
- Father’s Day Card from my Son
- Vegas painting from my Mom

On the desk
- Kinesis Split Keyboard
- System76 laptop with Ubuntu
- Chemex setup
- Focal Elegia Headphones

@jonah Does that really show up every month with the same dad joke? Oh jeez... LOL

@Main_Tomato I kind of know the answer but why shouldn't we recommend Brave?

I am kind of playing devils advocate.

@Gina I guess you are still able to use TOR to bypass this. What I have been doing is if someone that I watch is on YouTube and LBRY, I unsub from YouTube and watch their content solely on LBRY.

I really like LBRY but it has some rough edges. Here is a good video from a heavy LBRY user. Nice!

How do you like the LBRY platform?

I found an old picture of the guys and myself on the 60mm mortar. I am all the way to the right.

@Gina Just so I am clear, are you talking about setting up something like Nextcloud for an enterprise?

@atticus I love this guy! lol

He likes the new Mazda's, might be getting one soon.

@atticus ...oof

My boss is taking everyone to see it this Friday and this is my first review I have seen of it... Looking forward to this.

@blacklight447 I was using liberapay to donate to you guys I think. Should I switch to OpenCollective?

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